A samurai seeks revenge and redemption after his family is executed by a rival clan.

The son of an executioner and the assassin he loved yet murdered learns of his origins, leaving his foster parents to avenge his mother's death. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Kiru torrent reviews

Gianluca B (au) wrote: Quasi perfetto, nerissimo e dolciastro.

Andrs N (jp) wrote: lo mejor: la actuacion de michelle willians, el resto, un drama lacrimogeno sin demasiado brillo.

David M (nl) wrote: I'm generally a fan of movies that don't spoon-feed you the answers, but rather, allow you to draw your own interpretations (i.e. David Lynch). While November might be a little too ambitious for its own good, it's a moody, haunting movie. Courteney Cox Arquette was really great here, she really needs to take on more dramatic roles.

Sara P (ru) wrote: One of the best films ever with Anthony Hopkins. Exceptional acting and dialogue throughout this film. LOVE this movie. My all time favorite.

Sabrina L (br) wrote: Belle dcouverte pour moi ce Jerry Lewis! Trs drle!

Martin S (br) wrote: Fantastic Funny Movie .....=)

Scott W (br) wrote: Paul Telfer is gorgeous and Elizabeth Perkins is great! Unfortunately, the writing is really clumsy. I never understand why people insist upon bastardizing myths in modern re-tellings. The reason they've lasted is that they are great as is. This story ends up being more Roman than Greek with all of it's plotting and suspicion. I'm still waiting for the one, great, faithful Hercules film.

Dawn E (br) wrote: Loved this movie. Was a little slow but the story line was good.

Toribio H (nl) wrote: FOUND MYSELF SPLAYING MY FINGERS ACROSS MY EYES A LOT.It has some really spooky scenes, and it just feels as if your drowning inside the submarine itself. A horror flick that keeps you satisfyingly scared without the use of jump-scare techniques that's all the craze nowadays. But I must say the shift from almost purely psychological tension with a dash of the creeps to full-on malediction creep-show towards the end was slightly awkward (The shift was so sharp and kind of out-there, signaled by Claire assaulting you with the notion that the ship was HAUNT---, that i almost giggled due to the abruptness of the idea if only I was not preoccupied with being scared). But if you're willing to overlook that, this movie will surely be a good watch.