Kiseki: Anohi no sobito

Kiseki: Anohi no sobito


Against the protestation of his strict father| Jin leaves home to pursue his dream of becoming a musician. Meanwhile| his little brother Hide accepts his father's
wishes and aims to become a dentist. But none of them can escape the attraction of music. When Jin's music career hits a snag| he discovers that it is his brother|
Hide| and his fellow dental students who exhibit a great natural talent for music| and he pins his hopes on them. But Hide wants to become a dentist...and still sing
while fear of his draconian father looms large. So they strike out on a bold plan? To make their CD debut without ever showing their faces to the public. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Yvonne W (nl) wrote: A very powerful and sad movie. Unbelievable that our country didn't stand up for its East Timorese neighbours back in 1975 when Indonesia invaded. I had no idea of the events (being only 4 at the time) and am ashamed of the atrocities that our government allowed to happen on our doorstep. This movie really opened my eyes (can you tell??) and I can only hope that we have started to right some of the wrongs with our recent presence in and support for East Timor.

Ian S (kr) wrote: Good film portraying the rise of Adolf Hitler in the years before he started World War 2

Bill M (us) wrote: Florida is in a distant land.

Mauricio N (es) wrote: One of the best animation movies ever! Wonderful story!

Cat B (mx) wrote: To me, this film had an eerie resemblence to Scream 2! Must have at least inspired it, as it was made 3 years earlier. Also, the fairground scene highly reminded me of Child's Play 3's finale. The ending on this actually threw me - SPOILER:DO NOT READ ON IF YOU HAVENT SEEN THE FILM - I thought the killer was Travis! I assumed he had somehow faked his death, and Trevor was actually him again, which I assumed was the reason he didnt want anyone to know he was there, and was that mad at the reason people thought Travis had comitted suicide. - END OF SPOILER - It was over-all a poor follow up, though the cameo at the end was highly surprising. It is a typical slasher, so if you want to watch countless amounts of slasher movies, why not add this? Don't waste too much money on it though.

Randy T (au) wrote: Gene Tierney's character gets my vote as the most cold-hearted, sociopathic, beautifully packaged villain to ever grace the silver screen. On a scale of pure evil she's right up there with Hannibal Lector and the shark from Jaws.

Becca B (gb) wrote: I liked this film. C'mon, De Niro, PSH, what's not to like. To the critics and to the audience (who usually has better taste than the critics) in the words of Cartman, "Screw you guys!" The film is entertaining. Whadya want from a film, but to be entertained?

owen b (jp) wrote: this is hands down the only marvel movie with a good villain and a level of suspense. tony stark does start off like an asshole and he's supposed to because the development works. the action and acting do carry the film to the end and that's a good thing. the film that started the marvel stingers and could keep it going until the MCU started shitting out some of the worst villains on film.Owens grade: B+

Dave S (mx) wrote: Quality film! Loved it!

Charles P (us) wrote: Safe is a brilliant, disturbing film about our paranoia and perception of our environment, both chemical and social, and Julianne Moore shines as a frightened woman withdrawing from such dread.

Rob P (it) wrote: This movie was ok. It wasn't what I thought it would be at all, but it was competent enough for the actors who all seemed new.

30 C (ca) wrote: Based on a true story, "Dog Day Afternoon" is widely considered to be one of Al Pacino's best performances of all time, full of twists and turns makes this film very fun to watch.

Christopher S (jp) wrote: Excellent fact-based crime drama from director Richard Fleischer avoids sensationalism for a subtle, nuanced drama, but retains the psychological darkness you'd expect from a serial killer movie. One Richard Attenborough's greatest performances as the timid but murderous John Christie, and John Hurt is also a stand-out. It does slow down a bit towards the end, but ultimately this is a true-crime classic.