Hafiz, a rascally beggar on the periphery of the court of Baghdad, schemes to marry his daughter to royalty and to win the heart of the queen of the castle himself.

Hafiz, a rascally beggar on the periphery of the court of Baghdad, schemes to marry his daughter to royalty and to win the heart of the queen of the castle himself. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kevin H (ru) wrote: Wow! fantastic! Just artched ths and cannot wait to tell you haow good it was. Watching the struggles some women of color went through working on the greatest accomplishment of America!I was riveted, emotional at appropriate times, captivated. Loved it.

Buggy B (gb) wrote: This Australian made documentary takes a look at lance Armstrong's doping scandal including interviews with his former teammates, friends and enemies. Using assorted TV clips and it follows his career from the beginning, including his seven wins in Tour de France, his battle against cancer, his come back, and the suspicions and all the way to the downfall, and him admitting everything to Oprah Winfrey on live TV. -which ultimately made me feel really sad, a feeling I didn't expect. After so many years of denying he finally just admits it. I tried to figure out why this bothered me so much and I think its because everybody wants a hero. A well done documentary but not impartial, destroying him from beginning to end while showing just how big this scandal was and the (apparent) lengths that were gone to keep certain people quiet. It felt like a giant conspiracy with huge companies, millions of dollars, death threats. 7/7/14

Ronnie D (fr) wrote: Awesome action revenge flick! Keanu is great. Watched twice? Last time 3/20/17

Roxanne C (ca) wrote: Good movie, non stop action and drama.

Kyle S (au) wrote: Despite a few interesting ideas, and some delightfully odd moments, 'Circle of Eight' suffers from poor direction and hilariously inept screenwriting.

Antariksh K (ag) wrote: Nothing new in the story....nor in the presentation. Well Kareena and Saif are very popular as a couple in the Industry. so they though will been interesting to show them together. The movie lack consistency in the story.....for that they filled a romantic scene of the couple ...!! well many controversies where pop out, to get people attention. But nothing works for the movies. And people are not gonna kurbaan his there valuable money for this money .

Douglas L (ca) wrote: Machete rocked harder than I ever thought it would. I went in excited and came out fufilled. The plot was really good with the illegal "aliens" into the United States, and the connected crime that were doing everything in their power to keep them out. this movie is flat out Rodriguez, silly, funny and lots of guns but no one ever cover fires. The characters are really used well, except for jessica alba shes a bit annoying. Just go in expecting a good time, not too serious and you'll love it.

Jo C (it) wrote: Read all the books!!!!!

Steve S (au) wrote: actually a pretty decent canadian funded skin head reform movie. strathairn is really good, and andrew walker gives a fine performance as well

MariePier D (it) wrote: I wasn't interested, I watched and I didn't really like it. It's funny, weird and disgusting, I still hasn't decided if it was in a good way or a bad way.

Richard D (jp) wrote: This is a very good feeling but it is a long one I thought the story was coming to a nice conclusion but I still have another hour and a half to goBut anyways the Surrey is good the characters are lovable and the cinematography is gorgeous.

Stephanie D (es) wrote: Matt McConaughey is adorable as always... and another cooking scene like in How to Lose A Guy was nice... but this movie lacked something.

Adam W (ag) wrote: Great looking, well acted. A bit slow and ponderous - but I like films like that.

Andr D (kr) wrote: Atrs "Pulp Fiction"! Alejandro Gonzlez Inarritu debuta con una energa devastadora y con una estructura formal que dar mucho de que hablar con "Amores Perros", tres historias que se conjugan en un accidente automovilstico. "Amores Perros" es una pelcula perfecta en todo sentido, muy humana y con una gran consciencia social. Imperdible.

John P (ag) wrote: genese of the firsts hackers in germany, it was all about having a commodore, some KGB friends, and spending every night sniffing cocaine and cracking the US gov :P (also a ++ for the scene with the creation of the first troijan horse! damn Carl, we hate you still now :D)

Nic F (mx) wrote: An amusing little romp...though it hasn't tried much I haven't seen before.

Greg R (au) wrote: Guilty Pleasure. There's something magical about how bad it is and how off it is from the video game.

Gina R (gb) wrote: My absolute favorite movie of all time, such an epic journey.

Greg W (us) wrote: good comedy but nothing new here's the formula: "i married a witch"+ "heaven can wait"+ "a guy named joe"- WWII= this one

Ryan H (us) wrote: It's an improvement over the previous two films, but Revenge of the Sith is still poorly written, and Hayden Christensen is still awful. That being said, the action is great and the story is mostly good.