Kiss of Death

Kiss of Death

Jimmy Kilmartin is an ex-con living in Astoria in the New York City borough of Queens, trying to stay clean and raising a family with his wife Bev. But when his cousin Ronnie causes him to take a fall for driving an illegal transport of stolen cars, a police officer named Calvin Hart is injured and Jimmy lands back in prison. In exchange for an early release, he is asked to help bring down a local crime boss named Little Junior Brown. Jimmy remarries and attempts to renew a relationship with his child. But he is sent undercover by Detective Hart to work with Junior and infiltrate his operations. As soon as Little Junior kills an undercover federal agent with Jimmy watching, the unscrupulous district attorney and the feds further complicate his life. He must take down Junior or face the consequences.

The movie tells the story of Jimmy Kilmartin, a convict agreeing to go undercover and gather evidence with the help of an angry detective to ensnare a psychotic mobster in order to win an early release from prison. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Justine K (br) wrote: great movie!! on the level of stand by me..just a great movie about boy's growing up accepting death in their lives and moving on..well worth buying or renting especially if you have a young son or brother ages 11-14

Michael A (fr) wrote: John Malkovich plays double duty In what has to be one of the stupidest concepts of a film filled with the most annoying female characters...interesting since it was directed by a woman.

Rainbow K (ru) wrote: Yet another reason to love Hoffman, I've watched this film more times than I can remember. A series of small but violent incidents in a rural village leads to a cataclysmic showdown between one outsider and the locals.

Brandon W (ca) wrote: Deliver Us From Evil is one of those documentary films that really deserved to be made just like Citizenfour to show that the world really needs to know, even when taking a risk that'll spread some controversy. The documentary is about Oliver O'Grady's past life in how he sexually abused children and how the church doesn't do anything about it other than moving him to other churches. The film starts out a bit slow which I was a little worried at first whether the whole documentary is going to be like this, but it was really just a way for the viewers to introduce the family for what their name is, what they do, and telling the story about how they met Oliver O'Grady for the first time. It gets you a bit sucked in to their stories about how the parents met the priest at the time, and when they tell you what happened to their children, you can't help but be shocked and get disgusted at O'Grady. It goes to Oliver O'Grady's point of view to give his thoughts which I was invested, but also frustrated at the same time that something like this happens, and seeing that the church doesn't do anything to help the situation, but surprisingly make it worse is absolutely shocking. You feel really sorry for the victims and the victim's family that you really want them to go back to the time where it happened so that they could prevent it. Deliver Us From Evil is an important documentary that I'm surprised that it didn't get an award for Best Documentary Feature at the Academy Awards as I think that it deserved it.

Lawrence B (au) wrote: Absorbing sports-drama from Bennett Miller following the true-life tale of wrestling brothers Mark and Dave Schultz (Channing Tatum and Mark Ruffalo) who come under the wing of wealthy but unhinged benefactor John du Pount (an unrecognisable Steve Carrell). Miller brings an arresting atmosphere and tone to the piece whilst Carell, Tatum and Ruffalo deliver fabulous performances that make the movie.


Abby W (es) wrote: This movie looks so freakin funny! The trailer is funny so the movie has to be!