Kiss or Kill

Kiss or Kill

Two lovers, Nikki and Al, have a scam in which Nikki allows herself to be picked up by older men, drugs them, and, with Al's help, robs them. After accidentally killing one of her victims with an overdose, Nikki and Al are on the run.

After a robbery scam that goes bad, lovers Nikki and Al take off into the Australian outback, pursued by the police and a malevolent footballer named Zipper Doyle, and meet a number of offbeat characters. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Kiss or Kill torrent reviews

Paul S (kr) wrote: Slow but even paced. Kept me wondering what's coming next. Great acting from Sam Rockwell and the whole cast. I liked it ??

Launa W (nl) wrote: So inspiring! These kids deserve everything the world has to offer.

Ana M (nl) wrote: It makes evil look good, my favorite point of view.

Private U (fr) wrote: A good plot, but poorly executed. Bill Pullman is the best part of the movie, which probably just scared many of you away from this film.

Sotiris K (it) wrote: In a vastly patriarchal society, in which women seem doomed to fail, there are some of them who are unwilling to give up...or hold back. A film that works on so many levels.

The S (br) wrote: A good cast make it watchable but it's ultimately frustrating and pointless as it suggests little new and, inevetably, delivers nothing.

Karen D (us) wrote: 1968 version of Blood Diamond. Very daring with much violence for the 60's. Great movie of greed and redemption.

Robbie V (nl) wrote: Other than Zaldana, pretty naff.

Benoit H (kr) wrote: Vraiment bon, des heroes comme on en voit plus

Tristan H (ru) wrote: The cast definitely made this an enjoyable movie to watch. Unfortunately this movie is something that most people wouldnt remember. I think you really would only watch this movie if it was something coming on tv as you flipped the channels. Decent plot.