Kiss the Boys

Kiss the Boys


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:120 minutes
  • Release:2006
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Kiss the Boys 2006 full movies, Kiss the Boys torrents movie

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Kiss the Boys torrent reviews

Ruth L (it) wrote: A short about my favorite Disney couple getting married? That alone is enough to give this short a 5/5.

Carrie G (nl) wrote: Terrible movie. Horrible plot. Sucky characters. The 11 year olds I watched it with agreed with me.

Gregory K (us) wrote: A good laugh. It's like a Bollywood in Moortown (Leeds). Ha!

Ryan C (fr) wrote: Crazy premise. Well carried out. The characters were interesting enough to add to this story as not just a horror movie.

Curtis B (nl) wrote: The Advocate was pretty ballsy to tell Hedwig to "move over" for this one, and it did fall short of bumping Hedwig from its rightful place as one of the most amazing, raw, intense, musical, and complex films I've ever seen... But Were the World Mine was many of those things itself as well as sweetly simple and just what I needed right now.

Nilufer R (mx) wrote: kind of slow for my taste but the best performance of Ashley Judd i have ever seen.

Niki A (kr) wrote: trip out and flashback, man. this movie is far out. i wish i was there.

Simon D (gb) wrote: Somebody told that this is a difficult film to watch, for the first part of the film, that's a bit of an understatement. I can't help but feel that kids of that age should not be asked to act in scenes like this, I hope that they were doing so unknowlingly. In general the story is not too bad, pretty harrowing but interesting. I'm all for people making challenging films, I don't think that taboo topics like those in this film should be brushed under the carpet, but I think that to portray them in the way it was done in this film is a bit weird. It's almost like the filmmaker was saying "these sort of things happen so let's just accept that, while it's an ordeal for some, for others it's not that bad, so let's build a story around it".SPOILER ALERT - I'd feel a bit better about it if the ending, which seemed to show a moment of clarigy had involved some sort of justice being done against the coach.

David M (es) wrote: Good (not great) war movie...

Alexandre M (ru) wrote: Yesterdays move. Second time. What the mdia is for.

Bunny R (de) wrote: This movie is sooooo corny like apparent I missed something cause I didn't see the point or purpose. & the ending was kinda of a cliff hanger....

Scott R (jp) wrote: a pretty sharp if modest affair that holds up surprisingly well despite technological advances

joao b (us) wrote: Mad Max traz com perfeio corridas e acidentes acompanhado de uma tima direo do George Miller e atuao de Mel Gibson

Erik G (ca) wrote: Thought of a new genre for this. Science fictional films that aren't science fiction. It's basically a first contact story, about the meeting of humanity with an alien intelligence. (This may be why Spielberg cast Truffaut in Close Encounters.) It's also about what makes us human.

Tammy M (mx) wrote: This was my first ever viewing of Hamlet, and I never realized that Shakespeare performed well is this entertaining! I doubt if I would have discerned half the humor and double entendres just from reading the text.So many famous sayings come from this play -- I wish I had watched this a long time ago!

Private U (ru) wrote: Regarded as one of the worst movies ever made... however, if you can find it, it's worth seeing, as it is THAT bad, it's hilarious!Seriously! We were crying laughing!

Chinmai R (it) wrote: Only seen half of this piece of shit. But enough to tell you it sucks. Don't watch it. Please. Well, I guess the only reason you would see it is to see a bunch of well-regarded actors in a piece of shit.

Andrew S (au) wrote: Poorly scripted heist movie with serious plot flaws.

J K (es) wrote: Might get around to seeing this.

Graham J (nl) wrote: DePalma's epic war film explores the dark sides of men in combat and features many outstanding performances.