Kiss the Bride

Kiss the Bride

Sibling drama overshadows the impending nuptials of Danni Sposato (Amanda Detmer) and her longtime boyfriend, Geoff Brancato (Johnathon Schaech). Television actress Niki (Brooke Langton) brings her manager-boyfriend, Marty (Johnny Whitworth), to meet the family for the first time, while spiky youngest sister Toni (Monet Mazur) shows off her bandmate and lover, Amy (Alyssa Milano), and driven Wall Street banker Chrissy (Vanessa Parise) flashes the status symbols of her financial success.

Three sisters find themselves battling for love and validation. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Steve R (ru) wrote: A tiresome and over-long sequel/remake to Get Shorty that virtually duplicates the plot scene for scene. Pointless and annoying, and it's amazing how much "cool" disappeared from Travolta over those years. Should have been called Get Lost instead.

Cody B (ru) wrote: This movie is fun to watch from beginning to end. Storyline is sweet and heartwarming. Must see! Loved it ?

Fagatron P (au) wrote: Funny...charming, and colorful look at Dorothy Parker's life and the colorful friends that made her such a joy to be around.

Octavian (mx) wrote: Warning:RacismWhite privilege denialAnti-affirmative actionWow, wtf. Yup another white kid in black face, complaining that he doesn't get all the free breaks like black people do. WHY ISN'T THERE WHITE HISTORY MONTHWHY AREN'T THERE NON-HANDICAPPED PARKING SPACESWHY AREN'T THERE GRAVES FOR LIVING PEOPLESTFU.

Dean M (fr) wrote: This was Mad magazine's first and only attempt to emulate National Lampoon's film success is dull and not-so-hilarious comedy I ever watched.

Ian B (mx) wrote: it is v well acted , even better watched the second time - surely the sign of a great film .

Alvin C (ru) wrote: 59% does not do this film justice. Shades of "Bridge on the River Kwai" with Sessue Hayakawa even more effective and Claudette Colbert doing the great job she always does reliving for us the Japanese POW camp. The cast of women and children were perfect for their portrayal of inmates and the range of behavior for the Japanese guards was authentic. 79%.

Mitchell B (ru) wrote: A slow and depressing movie that's not worth your time or money.