Kiss the Other Sheik

Kiss the Other Sheik


Italian comedy film in three segments . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Garrett C (ag) wrote: The best movie the Coen Brothers never made!

gautam s (jp) wrote: These are the kind of movies that want to make you pull your hair out. They have all the ingredients of being awesome but having made the step they don't make the leap. Jolly is totally one of these. A simple concept, am amazing star cast and neat humor are let down by poor dialogue, loose script and an uninspiring finish. Add on top of that inane songs and unnecessary cast (am looking at you Amrita Rao) don't even allow the movie to breach the 3 star barrier. So the thought the movie left me with as the ending track began "oH! what could have been!"

Heather M (nl) wrote: I only was able to watch about half of this movie. It depends too heavily on things jumping out to attack people. The awful acting and corny special effects leave a lot to be desired.

Philip K (br) wrote: I saw this movie yesterday and was really moved. It did a fantastic job of letting me feel the fear & uncertainty of a child growing up in a community of active addiction. The movie helps bring discussion to taboo subjects that face many of us. I highly recommend it.

Katy M (de) wrote: This movie is just plain awesome!

Wrik S (it) wrote: A classic tale of what war can do to human beings

Eman B (it) wrote: this movie was no fun at all

Kevin R (ru) wrote: The shepherd is running away from the wolves.A reverend at a train station is approached by a stranger. The stranger asks him what he is doing, and the reverend tells him a tale of murder, victims, and outrage by the locals. The murder was so heinous, he has decided to stop following his faith and leave the town. The stranger asks for all of the details of the murder so he can try to understand what acts could be so bad for a reverend to lose his faith and direction."People see what they want to see and say what they want to hear."Martin Ritt, director of Hud, Hombre, The Spy Who Came In From the Cold, Nuts, Norma Rae, The Great White Hope (1970), Paris Blues, and The Black Orchid, delivers The Outrage. The storyline for this picture is very methodical but contains brilliant subplots, character development, and wonderful dialogue. The acting is remarkable and the cast includes Paul Newman, William Shatner, Laurence Harvey, Edward Robinson, and Claire Bloom."All four of them lied."The Outrage was a movie I had to DVR since it starred the great Paul Newman. I was shocked he was playing a Hispanic man and his performances actually reminded me of Marlon Brando's performance in The Teahouse of the August Moon. This is an awesome movie that comes together perfectly in the end. I strongly recommend seeing this underrated gem and potentially adding it to your DVD collection. This is definitely a first rate thriller."I don't murder. I kill."Grade: A-

Kevin C (br) wrote: A Very Good War Movie.

John M (br) wrote: Perhaps a story that doesn't need to be told - but really tightly written and the effects are fantastic.

Kyle B (ca) wrote: Watched this movie as a child, the chauffeur in the old-school hearse terrified me! The dark glasses, pale skin and that creepy grin? I couldn't sleep for two weeks!

Bill B (au) wrote: This one had long eluded me, so when I finally got a region free Blu-ray player it was one of the first things I popped in to give it a look and can happily report that Romero's quiet vampire film from the '70s still holds up. John Amplas is great as the creepy titular character and definitely brings a very different kind of blood sucker to the screen.Worth a look.

Mrio S (au) wrote: Quem assistu a Histria de Elsa e no chorou bom sujeito no .

John C (ag) wrote: Good scares, made me scream so loud it scared my gf. Could have better acting though.

Tim M (mx) wrote: This very heartbreaking, emotional road movie interwoven with Shakespeare is all the more haunting with River Phoenix's stellar performance.

Brian F (gb) wrote: Clint Eastwood and Burt Reynolds ham it up as 1930's detectives. I couldn't get into the story, but the period ambiance was awesome!