Kiss Them for Me

Kiss Them for Me

Three navy war heroes are booked on a morale-building "vacation" in San Francisco. Once they manage to elude their ulcerated public relations officer, the trio throw a wild party with plenty of pretty girls.

Three decorated Navy pilots finagle a four day leave in San Francisco. They procure a posh suite at the hotel and Commander Crewson, a master of procurement, arranges to populate it with ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Francis V (nl) wrote: This film is fucking beautiful.

Bear C (es) wrote: Comical more than a horror or gore flick. Not bad eye candy though.

Tyson P (ca) wrote: some like it. i didnt

Mohammad Javad H (es) wrote: Not bad movie...First of all, "Vlad" is a different kind vampire movie. It has almost nothing in common with the typical vampire movie and moves further in the Gothic fantasy genre, horror-fantasy would be a better term. Far away from typical clichs of the genre, this movie presents us a twist in the well known history of Count Dracula as it removes any link to Bram Stoker's novel and focuses on the myths that inspired Stoker's novel. This movie is a tale of Romanian vampires.

CeCe T (br) wrote: this movie is badd as!!!

Artemis C (it) wrote: I found it accidentally at the video stores, and rent it for my study on Western history. However, the depth and touching story of this film enchanted me.

Musa S (it) wrote: BEST FROM PIXAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)

Ryan B (ag) wrote: Other than referencing a lot of my favorite punk bands, this is really terrible. No instrument on Earth could possibly measure the absolute ridiculousness of Affleck's goatee.

Richard R (ag) wrote: The eighth James Bond film and the first of seven for Roger Moore, replacing Sean Connery after his second retirement from the 007 role, and also Director Guy Hamilton's last of three (Goldfinger/Diamond's are Forever).007 is sent to New York City after the disappearance of several agents investigating Kananga, the Prime Minister of the small Caribbean country of San Monique and his connection with American gangster Mr. Big (both played by Yaphet Kotto), both believed being involved in international drug smuggling. This film also marks the introduction of the beautiful Jane Seymore as Kananga's psychic fortune teller Solotaire. Paul McCartney and Wings provide the stellar theme.

Sherry (jp) wrote: Really a good movie^^

Joanna K (jp) wrote: Classic, one of my all time faves <3

Branden W (jp) wrote: It is difficult for me to fathom the 67% rating given by Rotten Tomatoes, when Tales From the Darkside, another film inspired by Stephen King short stories, is rated so poorly. Cat's Eye is a collection of three suspenseful stories, presented through an intertwining bookend, involving an adventurous cat. The cat becomes the hero of each of the three stories, always intervening and eventually saving the lives of the victims, in heroic fashion. In comparison to other Stephen King short stories, each of the three stories do not complement each other in any way. Definitely not Stephen King's best work, though thrilling enough for a one time watch.

Stephanie D (us) wrote: Kellan Lutz = an extra star for his sexiness!

John A (fr) wrote: Certain Parts Of This Film Just Doesn't Make Sense, But Ignoring This & Looking At The Good Plot (Although A Few Other Films At This Time Had Similar Plots). It Turns Out To Be A Kick-Ass Film. The Character Development Is Key To The Story & That Is The Reason Why I Enjoyed This Film. Nothing Great, Not A Total Disaster Just Sits In The Middle Somewhere.