Kissaa Kursee Kaa

Kissaa Kursee Kaa

The story of an evil politician.

The story of an evil politician. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Aivilo S (au) wrote: Heartbreaking with some heartwarming moments in the midst of a tragedy. It makes you reexamine how Katrina was handled.

Phil F (it) wrote: Four students set off to rural America for a school project. These students soon find themselves in more trouble than they can handle when they decide to check out the legend of Albino Farm. Albino Farm is a very well done horror movie, in parts that is. There is just enough character development to keep you interested in the characters. The score is right one the money, the acting isn't bad and the special make-up effects are very well done. What's wrong with this movie? Why only give it a 60% if it had all those things going for it. Well... This movie could have been called "Wrong Turn 2.5" Seriously. It follows the same storyline pretty much, A bunch of kids find themselves mixing with inbred, mutated killers. The originality is ZERO. Other than that, what could have been a realistic type horror movie turned out to be laughable toward the end. Propane tanks??? In a cave??? Yeah.. Anyway, it is worth watching for a rental price. That is about all.

David A (ag) wrote: Amazing doc about Joy Division with a slow buildup to the tragic end of Ian Curtis. Well put together with lots of sights and sounds. A nice book end to 'Control'

ka m (ca) wrote: Short reviews are best when you're ashamed you've enjoyed a terrible movie... I'd watch it again!

khurram m (es) wrote: Why did I watch this movie, I'm sad!!

Brian C (fr) wrote: Hilarious and awful. There is just so much silliness with awful over the top characters, but it has a charm to it.

marla g (us) wrote: Great movie. Could watch over and over again.

Les E (br) wrote: Other than the Wayne performance I thought this was pretty lame. The story was predictable and the action basic. At the time of its release the subject matter was still fresh and relevant but now you have to try a bit harder to impress.

Steven S (nl) wrote: Today, The Rock is one of those wanna-be movie stars who just wants more attention and money for the most part. I am never too impressed with his movies, or his acting because he really does not know too much about it. However, here is one movie that I actually enjoyed with him. "The Rundown" is a fast-paced action adventure that holds no limits. Everything about this movie is what a true action adventure should be. It needs a badass hero, a goofy sidekick (kind of), a beautiful babe, an ugly looking villian, a giant atmosphere...and a bunch of horny monkies. The beginning of the movie starts off with a little demonstration of how tough our hero is. His name is Beck (The Rock), a bounty hunter who gets what he wants when he has to do it the hard way. He's on the job looking for a quarter-back who owes his boss Bill Walker (William Lucking) money after a gambling match. Beck is a man who knows what he's doing when he's on the job. He studies his targets so he knows what he's up against. In this case, he's up against an entire offensive line for a football team. As the quarterback refuses to give Beck what he wants, Beck gets the order from Bill to do things the hard way. When he does so, he gives two choices to his targets: Option A or Option B. Pretty much, we know that we all want to go with A when it's asked by Beck. Obviously, the quarterback picks Option B, which was a bad idea. Then we experience this awesomely shot fight scene which left my jaw dropped. I saw Beck just turn into this amazing fighter that just goes way over the top that it just made me had to say "That ruled." However, the movie was just giving the audience a taste of what the movie is going to be like. Beck is an ultra-badass, but he doesn't want to be an ultra-badass. He doesn't like hurting people, he doesn't want to wail on them, he does it because he has to. He has a simple plan for the future: become a chef, and open up a restauraunt. In order to obtain his dream, he has to do one last job: Retrieve Bill's son, Travis Walker (Sean William Scott). Travis is the typical, funny, and somewhat smart guy who tends to be a bit greedy at the same time. He has stumbled upon a precious artifact, known as the "Gato" or however you spell, that happens to be a priceless object. When Beck goes to the town where he is located, which is El Dorado, he finds out Travis' location from the man who runs the town. The Evil Hatcher (Christopher Walken). Now how awesome is it that Peter Berg got Walken to be the bad guy in this movie? Walken is the symbol for bad guys: ugly, ruthless, and very, very greedy. He asks Beck for $10,000 just to take Travis home. Unfortunately, after knowing that Travis knows the location of the "Gato", Hatcher feels that he needs to stay with him to get him the priceless jewel. This does not make Beck happy, knowing that he has to go into a another ready-to-rumble sequence, which is another badass part. Of course, we notice in the next fight scene that Beck steals the bad guy's guns, but never uses them at all. He quotes later in the movie, "I pick up guns, bad things happen to people, I don't like that." This is the kind of badass who has guts, showing that guns don't make you tough. Beck finally has Travis in his hands, but as they escape from Hatcher, Travis makes a sideturn, kicking the wheel of the jeep vehicle they are driving into the dreaded jungle that surrounds them. This leads them on an embarkable journey to get back to the airstrip and to find the "Gato". A lot of action movies in the present day have really dissapointed me lately. Normally because they try too hard to have a decent balance between an interesting story line and over-the-top action sequences. "The Rundown" holds the correct balance of those elements, making this movie an awesome, fun thrill-ride. Beautifully shot with tons of fun action, this is one of the decent action movies of our present day film-making. It's no Indiana Jones, but it comes close to being it's cousin.