Kisses and Caroms

Kisses and Caroms

In California, Zack owns the "Breakingtime Billiards", a store that sells pool tables and game room supplies. He works with his girlfriend Jennifer; the sexy seller Tara; the installer of pool tables and best friend, the wolf David, and his idiot assistant Eddie. After having a threesome arranged by Jen with Tara, Zach breaks up his relationship with Jen, in spite of her bringing him up all the time. He tells his sexual experience to David while Jen asks for an advice to her psychologist Dr. Bob Johnson in his radio show. Along the day and after the visit of many peculiar clients, Zack concludes that Jen is his dream girl.

In California, Zack owns the "Breakingtime Billiards", a store that sells pool tables and game room supplies. He works with his girlfriend Jennifer; the sexy seller Tara; the installer of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Santosh N (ru) wrote: Endearing except perhaps the weird ending that requires you to search for a hidden meaning.

Kyle M (us) wrote: kinda lame and boring

Chris S (br) wrote: Both this and Necropolis were shot back to back, both films suck! there isn't really much i can say about this movie. Other than having a very poor script, piss-poor direction, and zero-dimensional characters what stands out the most is its unentertaining cheapness. Honestly, the people behind this entry were obviously not fans of the orignal film--they didn't even know what they were doing with them. if you're a die-hard "return of the living" fan like me, ignoring this and Necropolis is manitory.

Calvin R (ca) wrote: Blade trinity was decent, but like most third film this was not great. However, it was entertaining.

Private U (us) wrote: entertaining but drags a lot.

Mattias E (es) wrote: In his masterful The Wind Will Carry Us, Abbas Kiarostami uses a mystery plot as a vehicle to enhance the proper theme of the movie: the unpredictability of life. The film is also a kind of meditation on the moral judgement of man and how it becomes obscured by ambition. Kiarostami is also obviously interested in the division of civilization and nature, the latter having a discernible effect on the attitudes of the so-called engineer and his team. Behzad Dorani is a great find as an actor. His ad-libs and perfect timing brings a comedic dimension to The Wind Will Carry Us.

David Alejandro A (es) wrote: RAra, bizarra y sin sentido. Cumple el propsito de emular el cine de ciencia ficcin de los sesentas. Perfecta para verla en un domingo en donde la programacin no te da alternativa para mirar otra cosa.

Jorge R (ru) wrote: There's a felling a much better script was written and showed to the amazing cast, cause the final product is nothing more that your typical underdog becomes famous, underdog can't handle the fame, underdog destroys himself Hollywood story, there's nothing new or interesting is just cliche after cliche, with a odd direction style that never gets anywhere, a overhanded anti-racism undertone and a protagonist that never connects with the viewer because of his immature overlapping of bad decisions. The performances are fine apart from Wright that never convinces has the great artist that he's supposed to be. There'e no doubt that Basquiat's story would make an interesting movie, but unfortunately this just isn't it.

Mark H (nl) wrote: Excellent! The characters are great. The story is refreshing. The justice is poetic. The music is lively. And the ending is happy.

John S (ca) wrote: 64% (Rounded Down to 60) The Freshman is fairly mediocre as a comedy, most of the jokes feel dated and fall flat. But even as a romance film, or just as a film on it's own, The Freshman still falters. A good majority of the film goes by mostly routinely. The story isn't necessarily boring, it's actually quite entertaining and interesting. But the very structure of the theme of the film just falls apart at the end. The journey to the end is fun, exciting, and it's hard not to fall in love with the adorable Harold Lloyd. But by the time the credits roll, you feel like you've almost been cheated. It's as if the film takes back everything it had just told you and (even though it was a pretty fun ride) it feels like everything just gets sucked back out. It's a fatal flaw that practically ruins the experience. If the film was at least funny, you wouldn't care so much but, I did not find the film to be laugh-out-loud knee-slappingly funny. It had me smiling most of the time, but the best it ever gave me was a couple of chuckles. It's disappointing. But the entire experience is still rather enjoyable. The story is amusing, and Harold Lloyd is a delight, but by the end, the theme totally turns itself on it's back, and in turn, you feel like turning your back on the film as well. So in other words, The Freshman is a fairly unfunny yet somewhat enjoyable film that others may enjoy more, and despite having an amusing story and a lovable lead character, it suffers from a muddled script and a emotionally confounding ending. Others who enjoy Harold's brand of comedy will still like this, but as I don't, I didn't really enjoy it as much.

Shawn W (nl) wrote: Run of the mill horror film with a murderer killing members of the high school majorettes team amid plenty of red herrings. Majorettes coach tells the girls college isn't everything but maybe practice is as it continues despite the loss of team members.

Josh F (ru) wrote: I liked this a lot more than I thought I would. Martin was great. Some genuine laughs. Good move.

Richard R (nl) wrote: A Great New York movie that I can relate to.

DeadHead m (au) wrote: this is not octopussy.

Jason C (de) wrote: It is safe to say that Australia makes the best movies and this is another pretty solid one. It is well acted and shot and the story will keep you wondering where it is headed until the ending, which is pretty satisfying, sad and not predictable.