Director Sampooran Singh Gulzarā€™s insightful comic drama aims to capture the unique perspective of childhood.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1977
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:flashback,   train,   school,  

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Kitaab torrent reviews

siddharth s (jp) wrote: this movie deserves 70 % tomatoes

Marc L (it) wrote: Pour ceux qui l'ignoreraient, la mission sacre des studios Asylum est de tourner des versions moches, fauches et dbiles de tous les Blockbusters succs qui passent dans les salles. Aujourd'hui, ces fossoyeurs du divertissement de qualit ont tendu leurs activits criminelles : ils signent des versions moches, fauches et dbiles de films qui font dj partie, d'une certaine manire, du cinma de seconde zone. "Nazis at the center of the earth", c'est tout simplement une resuce de "Iron sky" mais dans une sorte de Germania sub-antarctique, avec des acteurs qui parlent beaucoup pour ne rien dire, des rebondissements qui n'en sont pas et des CGI d'une laideur faire passer des cinmatiques PS2 pour le visuel du futur. Il n'est cependant pas inutile de prciser que les productions Asylum sont d'ordinaire d'un niveau qualitatif encore bien infrieur ce qu'on dcouvre ici. Et puis, "Nazis at the center of the earth" a le grand mrite de ne pas s'imposer les limites morales de son modle, qui avait malgr tout dans l'ide de s'acheter une certaine respectabilit : la prsence du Dr Mengele au casting permet quelques sympathiques dmonstrations de chirurgie sans anesthsie et on je ne me remets toujours pas de l'apparition hallucinante d'un Mcha-Hitler grimaant et revanchard. Eut-il inclus ces quelques ides dviantes qu'"Iron Sky" aurait vraiment t un trs bon film...!

Kimberly H (gb) wrote: This movie was a very interesting movie because it had a very intersting view on FIRE!

Bruce F (ru) wrote: Entertaining, if flawed, if you were there (or within 60 miles) you'll want to see it. Sadly DMR was written out, but I'm guessing it was Bill B. who snuck in a charming little visual reference to another departed Riverside scenester.

Saiju G (fr) wrote: i remember not liking this brahh but dont remember why

Timothy S (nl) wrote: With an unusual, forgettable title and no A-list stars, "Diggstown" came and went with little fanfare during a summer filled with high profile films. It deserves a wider audience, as it's an underrated film with a couple of terrific performances and a winning story that builds to a truly cheer-worthy finale.It was directed by Michael Ritchie, a great comedic filmmaker who specializes in sports comedies, and because of that, the boxing scenes are quite thrilling. I've long been a sucker for con pictures, and this is one of the better ones in recent memory. Star James Woods is at his snarky best here, a good guy with none of the usual good guy trappings, and it's a great swan song for veteran Lou Gossett, Jr. in one of his last big starring roles.But a film like this doesn't work without a great villain, and it really is Bruce Dern that makes this all work so well. With those big teeth and shark-like grin, he truly is a bad guy you love to hate. He has some truly evil moments here that make the payoff even more satisfying, but the screenplay by Steven McKay always manages to keep things light and lively. It also provides a few surprises along the way and that terrific ending that you won't see coming, but there are a few subplots it could stand to lose. Heather Graham looks great, but she serves little purpose and is simply forgotten about after a while."Diggstown" is a crowd pleaser looking for a crowd. Those who stick it out and likely to greatly enjoy it.

Alex K (br) wrote: My Favorite Comedy Film Is 1933's Duck Soup.

Eric H (fr) wrote: It's just a fun horror film to watch!

Jenny F (it) wrote: My absolute favorite movie!

Merol Kim C (gb) wrote: Tip: Don't expect too much and you may end up enjoying the movie. Source: Experience from watching previous zombie films. The stylish delivery of the Cockney accent, the candid throwing of zombie jokes and the likable presentation of characters are enough to make up for the movie's terrible visual effects and uninviting title. It is like Shaun of the Dead, only with more emphasis on oldsters and youngsters beating the hell out of the flesh-eating freaks that infested London. Props to director Hoene for nailing the comedy! It was refreshing to see a fairly satisfying zombie movie after a long while. But really, disengage from any hopes of seeing hardcore gore and dramatic twists before viewing. ;-) 3.65/5