Kitten with a Whip

Kitten with a Whip

Jody, a juvenile delinquent, escapes from reform school by stabbing a matron and attempting to burn down the building and then takes refuge in a house owned by an ambitious politician David Patton. Despite the hellcat's ample charms, the would-be officeholder wants nothing to do with her and tries to drive her away. She responds by shortly returning to his house accompanied by a gang of delinquent pals and taking him hostage. A sudden act of violence causes more trouble, leading Jody and her gang to hijack David and force him to drive a getaway car to Mexico.

Jody, a juvenile delinquent, escapes from reform school by stabbing a matron and attempting to burn down the building and then takes refuge in a house owned by an ambitious politician David... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ryan H (ag) wrote: It'll me you question you own dog's loyalty. Please, this film will want kids to become critics!

Dolores P (au) wrote: This is a beautiful film on many levels - the Debussy "Afternoon of a Faun" theme music that keeps floating through, all the wonderful telling of the story by friends and dancers that loved Tanaquil Le Clercq, and the really haunting images that span the extremes from ballet practice, to polio wards. This is the story of a fascinating person done beautifully by a director that "gets" it beyond belief.

Larah A (mx) wrote: full of excitement!!!!

Jackie T (de) wrote: I thought for sure he was guilty.... now not so sure. :-/

Charles B (us) wrote: A beautiful story, breathtaking told. The absence of dramtic dialogue between the lovers - viz-a-vis the narration and a sublime soundtrack - highlighted the passion between the two. The non-linear style was a little confusing and I was guessing right up until the end though. But, hooray for love!

Brad G (ca) wrote: A definite step down from the first Jesse Stone made-for-tv-mystery, Night Passage tells the origin of Tom Selleck's arrival in the mob corrupt small town of Paradise, MA. It's an odd experience watching this prequel to Stone Cold, seeing characters (both human & dog) return after witnessing their bitter ends in the last outing. Selleck still shows class as the Sheriff and I'm down for more adventures, but sleazy Stephen Baldwin as the sleazy killer is a rather boring opponent for the take-no-gruff cop. And Saul Rubinek phones it in as well. VF.

Andrei D (mx) wrote: Dur, tensionat, trist al naibii

Andriy D (es) wrote: generally excellent. way batter than 'Dog Days'. reminds one of a fellow Austrian Haneke. very disturbing. performance by the real-life geriatric patients is astounding. shot in Austria, Slovakia, and Ukraine and portrays in a documentary manner the life of segregated Gypsies in Slovakia, Ukrainians in the 'Industrial Belt', and discarded losers from Austria.

Alex K (es) wrote: 1993's Schindler's List Is My Fifth Favorite Film Of All Time.

MF J (nl) wrote: A touching little indy drama movie filled with great ideas, beautiful landscapes and terrific performances from the cast.

probowl 4 (es) wrote: Another funny installment of the American Pie series. This movie brings a little more gross out comedy but also offers a sweeter side with the feeling towards Jim and Michelle's upcoming journey into life together. Also a nod to Seann William Scott for adding even more asshole attitude to the character of Steve Stifler.

Kristen A (kr) wrote: Tom Green was good in this movie

Cade P (jp) wrote: Love! It's like a mix of "mean girls" and "I know what you did last summer." Rose McGowan is amazing. The acting is below average but overall it's amazing!

Heather M (fr) wrote: Stiller did an excellent job playing this heroin addicted character. It was a hard movie to watch as Jerry slowly fell deeper and deeper into his addiction, but it is definitely a great performance to watch.

Chris W (de) wrote: This is the Americanized version of the original Godzilla film. While not a terrible piece of cinematic entertainment, I felt rather let down, and suspect (since I haven't actually seen it) that the Japanese original (which came out two years before this one) is probably far better. The story (if you need to know it), concerns a giant reptiallian creature who emerges from the sea surrounding Japan and raises all manner of hell and devastation. In this version, it's told in a documenatry style format and is presented from the view of an American journalist in Japan named Steve Martin. He was only passing through Japan for some fun while headed to Cairo for business, but gets stuck there after the giant monster starts attacking. I kinda liked the format here, though research tells me that the big differences between this version and the original is that this one takes footage from the original and splices new footage of Raymond Burr as Steve Martin into it. Also, this version is shorter and a bit more PC as a way of making it more watered down for American audiences. The biggest changes being dubbing it into English, and removing all references to the atomic attacks at Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and the firebombing of Tokyo. Okay, so maybe at the time people worried about appeasing WWII veterans, so they removed some material to ease the guilt or whatever. I don't like that because I've always found Godzilla to be fascinating because it's about the byproducts of nuclear horror from a country who experienced actual nuclear horror and devastation firsthand. Removing the references and showing Japan struggling in the aftermath of a huge disaster (but at the hands of a fictional monster) lessens some of the emotional impact, as well as the effects of history on the public conscience. All that scholarly rambling aside, this is still an okay movie though, like I said, the original version is probably far better. Unlike some of the later films though, this one comes off as far more scary and serious, with a more somber tone, aided by the grainy black and white cinematogrpahy and dramatic music.

Aaron W (de) wrote: Despite all of it flaws which are many, I still enjoyed this film