Klay World: Off the Table

Klay World: Off the Table

A bunch of blue clay men who live on a table are contacted by another species of clay people through radio. Now 4 brave blue clay men will leave the table for the first time ever in order to find these mysterious clay men.

A bunch of blue clay men who live on a table are contacted by another species of clay people through radio. Now 4 brave blue clay men will leave the table for the first time ever in order to find these mysterious clay men. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John M (es) wrote: I like how the apocalypse is just a backdrop with much explanation left out leaving the viewers alone with the characters and their relationship but the movie just feels uninspired in character motivation and arc. A lot of the plot devices happen for the story to move forward but we're not left with much impact in who these people are nor are the performances that convincing.

Jeff B (au) wrote: Once you get beyond the setup, the cringe worthy and excessive hey-we're-tough-marines-in-a-tough-situation dialogue at the outset, the film improves, not much but it does get better. It certainly would have made the film more palatable by dispensing with the unnecessary ramblings. What this section also shows is how important talented high end actors are (ie: see the original). Otherwise, the film is short on character development or reason for the audience to care, and all that cliche, yet awkward chatter between the marines doesn't aid in gaining interest. It's an average film with average plot and average acting. Maybe Universal had a contract to oblige. If you skip this one, no loss.

John S (gb) wrote: Immigration Tango is a comedy about forced relationships to help friends. Some brief nudity by Elika Portnoy was not at all upsetting. Good date movie, see it.

Trista J (gb) wrote: The animation is decent, the voice talents were well chosen. It's a nice little kids film, but it is quite forgettable and generic. I do, however, really like the concept and loved the 50's theme, which is why I have to give 4 stars.

Stephen W (au) wrote: It mocks superior films, uses the inverse of logic to shove its pretentious acceptance message. Which is entirely missplaced, as the main character is entirely unlikeable, doesnt learn anything, and on top of that actually CAUSES, the kidnapping of the presidents daughter, Not Solve it . in fact his actions nearly get her killed, and then, out of the blue, he is declared a hero, because the movie says so. Also, this is a film which includes the line "Its not what you do, But who you are inside, that defines you." Batman Begins fans may now throw their stones.

Evan H (fr) wrote: this movie is so wonderfully done! the acting is beyond good as well as the script! this movie made me cry too! loved every minute of it!

Tricia S (mx) wrote: Not bad for my purposes...my daughter loves all things romantic :) but the acting was terrible! Cute guy, a couple funny scenes that could have been better with better acting...

Jason A (kr) wrote: "The Dolph defends an island people from the guy from Dharma and Greg, who wants to mine the island for minerals and bat crap."That's the plot of this movie pretty much. Lundgren plays Nick Gunner, a mercenary who is hired to go to a island somewhere in Southeast Asia to get them to let the evil corporation owned by the Dharma and Greg guy and his partner. Along the way, Gunner assembles a crack team of commandos, including Zeus (No Holds Barred) and Catherine Bell. It's the same plot you've pretty much seen Dolph do quite a few times before: Trained killer is hired to do job to subjugate an innocent person or people; along the way, trained killer meets LBFM and has a change of heart. It's up to trained killer to protect the person/people/nation/island from those trying to exploit it. It's a formula I think Dolph knows works pretty well.This is pretty good B movie crap. The Dolph is a noble mercenary, willing to do anything for his crew. He tangles with this wannabe Vernon Wells guy, who acts and talks just like Bennett from Commando. The same kind of homosexual overtones that existed in that baddie return here as well more blatantly (the baddie in this likes to kiss other men a lot). The co stars are also cool: Zeus is here, Catherine Bell (J.A.G.) as well. The guy from Dharma and Greg, of course. Charlotte Lewis brought her nice boobies to the table, and gets down with Dolph in a waterfall. I thought it was awesome to see Kevin Tighe, who played Frank Tihlman from Roadhouse, in this. This is the second movie I've seen that indirectly associates Dolph with Roadhouse. Special mention goes to the guy who played Po (BD Wong), who was very funny. Overall, it's heavier on drama than action, but the whole thing is tinted with some welcome humor.Recommended.

Doctor S (ca) wrote: Mui, Cheung & Yeoh back in action!

Emiliano M (it) wrote: "one of the best of woody"

Matt A (ca) wrote: john hughes sentimental rendering of a con artist and the adopted daughter who runs scams is a little too heavy handed at times but shows the different direction he decided to take in the 1990s. Not great but the actors are good and it is sweet at parts.

Kendall C (es) wrote: Absolutely terrible. It has bits of brilliance here and there, but as a whole the film is convoluted, and there are just too many scenes that don't make any sense what so ever. This is easily the worst in the franchise.

Amanda M (es) wrote: I really liked this! ^^

Indu R (kr) wrote: I would say this movie was one of the best in the series. The cast was good int his movie. The plot was good showing how Max is loner trying to survive. The action and stunts were good in this movie especially the Thunderdome fight scene.

Gus S (ag) wrote: Somewhat dull addition to the Bigfoot genre could have used a lot more of the monster (which didn't look that bad compared to most). The story never really seems to be going anywhere and the college students don't seem as interested in their research as they should be for a project like this. Better than most of its type.

Jacob E (it) wrote: Nothing more than an Elvis vehicle.

Atheer O (kr) wrote: A great character study which I found much more powerful than the Godfather movies.

Maria Isabel L (au) wrote: This was an adorable little pretentious film, yet I really liked it.