Knife in the Water

Knife in the Water

On their way to a sailing trip, an aging husband and wife invite along an emphatic young hitchhiker out of sheer patronization.

On their way to an afternoon on the lake, husband and wife Andrzej and Krystyna nearly run over a young hitchhiker. When the hitchhiker joins the couple, psychological warfare breaks out as the two men compete for the woman's attention. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jim H (ag) wrote: After a drunken dare two male friends, one of whom is married, agree to shoot a sex scene together.The first scene with Ben and Anna lying in bed is almost perfect exposition. In fact, the entire first act is well-written and strongly acted. The characters' relationships are clearly set up, and the plot unfolds organically.Humpday feels like an improvised film, and though there's a certain verisimilitude to this style, I longed for a control over the language. Also, the plot between Ben and his wife never reaches a real finish. Her third act decision is not the end of the conflict, and I think the film should have found a way to resolve her storyline.Overall, there's a lot of good work in Humpday, a strong but flawed film.Ov

Anthony S (ag) wrote: The true story of how Ben Carson went on a stabbing spree before an angel taught him chemistry and he discovering the pyramids were used to hold grain.

Jacob K (ag) wrote: That was the best Sc-Fi horror monster move Flick I had ever seen. Great CGI Monster they did and the Subspence was great. Great twist ending, wished they made a sequel.

Connor D (br) wrote: Just got around to viewing this eleven years after its debut, and I must say that I may not have enjoyed this movie as much as I could have upon its release. There have been countless "gornos" since "Hostel" (The "Saw" franchise, "The Green Inferno", "Evil Dead") that did the sub genre way more justice that there seemed, to me, no other reason for anyone to view this film. There is hardly any plot (seriously, there is no context why there is an entire group of people helping one man do horrible things to people) except that there is a group of friends looking for a good time and they find themselves in a horrific situation. With that being said, the only reason I would recommend this is if you are a fan of Eli Roth and/or the torture porn sub genre. Otherwise, skip it. 3.9/10

B R (ag) wrote: I registered just to rate this pile of excrement. One of the worst things I have ever had the misfortune to watch. The cinematography and direction looked like it belonged on a cheap, day time soap opera, with acting to match. Utterly terrible!

Stphanie F (it) wrote: SO much better than 'the ring two'. the premise is so much more interesting and actually follows the story instead of straying like nobody's business in the second one. if you're thinking of renting 'the ring two', just rent this. or rent the original japanese version plus its sequels instead.

Ryan V (ag) wrote: Gonzo, feeling more like an "other" than usual, has been having weird dreams about extraterrestrial brethren attempting to contact him. This puts him and (eventually) his pals in the Muppet crew on a path to making first contact with an intergalactic race, but first they have to deal with an aggressive branch of government spooks. Muppets From Space is usually seen as one of the lesser Muppet films and it definitely has less substance and laughs than its predecessors (and many of its successors). At the same time, this movie does have enough silly jokes, random celebrity cameos, and impressive puppeteering to make it seem like a sincere effort to emulate Jim Henson's legacy. Muppets From Space is hardly a masterwork, but family movies do come a lot worse than this one.

Christopher B (ca) wrote: thanks to rocker Lennon Murphy for letting me know about this great movie!! DJK

Yousef S (ru) wrote: The idea of finding your place in the world and "working your shit out", so to speak. Janet Jackson proves herself in the poetry she writes and the prose she speaks. She shows her true colors by letting us into her mind. Tupac Shakur makes the effort to hide his emotions in the beginning, but lets it all out and shines brighter than the Sun. Regina King's character shows her vice and how it affects her best friend. Relationships end between Regina and Joe Torry's characters revealing egos and Shakur leaves his friend behind when events turn towards the worst. The soundtrack also utilizes their behavior towards one another, explaining reasons as to why they travel such long distances for a dream of possibilities and how they deal with their own problems. John Singleton proves yet another story for the coming-of-age and explains in detail how the road trip opened and closed barriers within love and friendship. A truly wonderful tale for all those looking for answers to life's tough questions.

Drew H (au) wrote: I watched anything with martial arts in it as a kid. This was not one that I watched more than once.

Bill W (ru) wrote: Roger Moore enjoys playing a part here that is the antithesis to James Bond. This is a hoot. Don't miss it.

Katrina H (ag) wrote: Old school corny, but it makes me cry!

John M (fr) wrote: Laughably horrible. The crew start disappearing on the flight back from Mars. Shoot bullets at the ape-like thing? Terrible idea, and ineffective. Grenades? Even less prudent in space, and still useless. Bazooka? difficult to aim, apparently, and still useless. Luckily, there is always the option of opening the window and choking the big lunk.