Art student Jeong-hwa (Seo Woo) is moving to a smaller apartment by her school when she trips and falls, breaking a small statue on a box. She bends over to pick up the pieces and notices an amulet the shape of a queer mask and decides to use it for her exhibit assignment. After she moves she hears a weird knocking sound next door. She can’t sleep because of the knocking sound every midnight and starts sketching the amulet. One night, Jeong-hwa comes home late and runs into a strange woman with long tangly hair and barefoot in front of the elevator. She gets off without a word and starts knocking next door. Jeong-hwa is terrified, what is going to happen to her?

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Knock torrent reviews

Kelly K (gb) wrote: This film has been on my list of films to see for over a year. I'm so glad I finally took the time to see it. It is so very thoughtful and deep. The character Larry is a wounded soul, but also a tender, kindred spirit. When the characters speak they say so very little, but convey so many emotions. It is beautiful and heartbreaking. Definitely worth seeing.

Loren R (nl) wrote: Die Geschichte um die Verschwrungszahl, wre ganz spannend gewesen! Nur wird die Story so um den heissen Brei geredet und in dem Mixer verschroben, dass man am Ende gar nicht mehr nach kommt. Man knnte meinen, Joel Schumacher versucht sich als David Lynch. Nur mit ungeahnten, schlechten Folgen. Due Hauptdarsteller sind gut gewhlt, aber man sieht, dass sie sich abqulen, in dieser unausgegorenen Drehbuch. Auch Jim Carrey spielt sehr solide. Dazu noch in einem ernsteren Thema. Leider ist der Film nur Durchschnittsware!

Caitlin L (au) wrote: A cute movie overall. Was lacking a little in plot. The overall story idea was clever though.

Bruno L (fr) wrote: Great documentary about The Runaways. Joan Jett was missing in the interviews, but it was still great to hear from the girls in the band what was going on at that time with them.

Claire T (es) wrote: wow I loved this film about a parrot, I thought it was good movie and I actually enjoyed watching it, it was actually better than what I thought it would be, it starred Tony Shalhoub, Jay Mohr, Gena Rowlands, Bruce Davison and Hallie Kate Eisenberg

Adam R (it) wrote: Not as funny as I had hoped, but it was an OK and watchable movie. A bit unrealistic. (First and only viewing - 11/19/2016)

Andy B (us) wrote: So bad even Steve Gutenberg wouldn't be in it.

Conner R (br) wrote: I just don't see how anyone could not enjoy this, It's Clint Eastwood and Burt Reynolds in a nostalgic gangster movie. It's fun, well made and has some really cool action scenes. The part where Clint Eastwood storms the apartment building and shoots a resistant henchman around 7 times in the gut is one of the best in the movie. I like that it's not just another neo-noir, it has a very original feel to it. I have no idea why it's not considered an absolute classic.

Adam T (ca) wrote: Epic Kubrick film about an Irishman who hedges his bets to become a nobleman- if not fully respected among his family and peers. Tough slog at times but emerges as a meticulous drama with attention to period detail

Sindhu S (ag) wrote: Mr. Loomis, the wronged man.

Chloe A (de) wrote: 5 stars! What a fantastic film!Ticks every single category! Hilarious, romantic and emotional!Ed west wick is beautiful and it's definitely made me laugh and cry! Loved it!

David F (mx) wrote: You can always count on John Hughes, Molly Ringwald, and Anthony Michael Hall to bring you funny dissections of teenage angst and the high school social scene. I loved the house party where the parents were away, it captured the spontaneous, meandering flavour of Midwestern teen life perfectly.