Knock Knock 2

Knock Knock 2

Based on found footage, the story centers on four friends in their early 20s. Last year, on the night before Halloween, they decided to go on a self made tour of famous Hollywood murders and celebrity haunted houses. The tour led them to a house known as 1666. They have been missing ever since. Written by Anonymous (

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:83 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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Based on found footage, the story centers on four friends in their early 20s. Last year, on the night before Halloween, they decided to go on a self made tour of famous Hollywood murders ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Knock Knock 2 torrent reviews

Anna C (de) wrote: A dark story that was "good" only in the first ten minutes, after that it becomes just too predictable and despite the cast which has undoubted charisma, the film don't catch, directing is weak, and you just think: why?

Erik P (au) wrote: When Uwe Boll is involved, films tend to be hit or miss. You can, however, usually count on an uncompromised film. In this case, we get an uncompromised hit, and the result is brutal. While literally it's a prison film, it has a lot more similarity to Killing Room, and they'd make a stunning double feature, with Stoic being the main event. Despite the lack of star power, the acting is award quality as is Boll's remarkably realistic filming. As with films like Saw, Irreversible, and Martyrs, this does qualify as a film truly for adults.

Elin G (au) wrote: Charming in it's oddness, creativly animated and you had to love the moose.

Aidan H (it) wrote: Hot on the heels of his Pusher movie, NWR once again assembles his favourite cast in this less-than-electric tale of violence and self-loathing. Bleeder's tone-free drama fails to ignite the screen (despite some grim blood-letting) while its comedy edge is derailed by a violent second act. Mads Mikkelson, so powerful and moving in Valhalla Rising and the Pusher trilogy, is wasted here as the hapless movie-mad video store clerk while Bodnia (also riveting in Pusher 1) mopes about in such a way as to make his eventual breakdown seem unrealistic. Bleak, but without the hard edge of his former film, Bleeder is the first of NWR's superb career that didn't affect me emotionally n the least. Not the first film to fail at blending comedy and tragedy by any means; just not what I was expecting from one of my fave directors. Mediocre.

Alex K (de) wrote: 1962 Was 34 Years Old In 1996 And 1927 Was 69 Years Old In 1996 As Well.

Daniel Y (nl) wrote: Die Hard: With a Vengeance is the third entry in the Die Hard series and it shows that the series is not going to die hard (until It's a Good Day to Die Hard). Reason Being is that though the second one was ok and was a bit to over the top, campy and clichd at some points, this one is never that but rather a more successful and better sequel that actually ties into the first one, I won't spoil how but it definately works. The films main protagonists are Bruce Willis as John McClain, as always, and Samuel L. Jackson as Zeus and they both bring terrific performanes and both have great chemistry and wirk off one another beautifully and the same goes for the villain Peter played by Jeremy Irons. Another thing in this movie that is terrific is the action and tension, because, unlike it's predecessor's,John Mclain is everywhere and not solidified in one location which makes way for tons of great ideas and plenty of room for stellar action. The one flaw that I had with this movie, much like everyone else, is the ending (Now they're are going to be SPOILERS coming up so if you haven't seen it yet go see it than come back and finish reading). The film decides to go one direction which is the bad guy gets away and the heores lose which would've worked, because it's a new take on a Die Hard movie that we haven't seen before and I would've been all in for it, but unfortunately the film immediately changes the idea and has an asprin bottle tell him where they are hiding out at and when they're is only like 10 to 8 minutes left in the movie him and the NYPD go and destroy Peter and his entire army in a short amount of time and then the film ends making it feel rushed and leaving you to wonder "Why didn't they just keep the ending where they lost because it would've been better. But, in the end, Die Hard: With a Vengeance is a great sequel that surpasses it's predecessor and is a great time.

Lucas A (mx) wrote: A wonderful masterpiece! Kiss of the Spider Woman tell us the sad reality of a South America prision. The film introduces the story of Luis Molina, a prisoner in a Brazilian prison cell dividing its with the activist Valentin Arregui. Luis was arrested for molesting a boy and Valentin for his involvement with Communists. Despite their differences, both learn to respect and living together as they attempt to survive the repression of society. The film is a true portrait of Brazilian society during the military dictatorship, and the repressions of society. Hctor Babenco brilliantly directs this drama about corruption, crime, homosexuality and society. The performances by William Hurt and Raul Julia are truly excellent and essential. A live screenplay by Leonard Schrader. A true work of art worthy of applause!

Zach M (br) wrote: This was a really boring italian zombie movie from Bruno Mattei.A reporter, a cameraman and some commandos fight zombies in the jungles of New Guinea.The zombies are pretty weak looking and the gore is fairly lame.The only redeeming thing from the movie is the part where a zombie shoves his hand into a head and pokes the eyes out from the inside, that was kind of cool.Not the worst zombie movie but it definitely won't be remembered.

Jeff H (mx) wrote: What a great lesser-known film starring my favorite classic actress, Audrey Hepburn. Hepburn plays a blind woman who comes under attack by 3 cunning criminals, one of which played spine-tinglingly well by a young Alan Arkin.

Ba M (au) wrote: It's a semi-slasher. semi-cop/detective movie. The movie goes off on tangents at time but overall a watchable film. Especially considering it was made in the mid-80s. Not to mention some very hot babes doing all kinds of funky aerobics. That alone makes it a definate watch.