Knock Off

Knock Off

Marcus Ray (Jean-Claude Van Damme), a sales representative for "V SIX" jeans, and his partner, Tommy Hendricks (Rob Schneider), are about to be busted for selling "knock off" jeans. Their American contact, Karan Leigh, who by the way is not only their employer but a CIA agent sent to find the mole in their operation, is threatening them with a jail term if they do not prove their innocence.

Action star Jean Claude Van Damme plays a fashion designer who must join forces with a C.I.A. agent to combat terrorism. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David M (ru) wrote: What a piece of shit!

Paulina A (ru) wrote: Hay Jesus Cristo! He is hot! She sucks! Photography looks nice and audio is average. Script: average. I enjoyed the good company who was with me, other than that... Neah!!

Anthony V (de) wrote: Lags, despite a great cast.

viola a (ru) wrote: NICE CHILDHOOD MOVIE

Alex S (nl) wrote: With such talent thrown in the mix as Louis Malle, David Mamet, Wallace Shawn, Andre Gregory, and Julianne Moore, it's easy to see why this movie is great. Featuring excellent performances and Malle's ability to place the camera in the best place at all times, Vanya on 42nd Street is worth a viewing.

Samuel N (gb) wrote: F**k yea these movies get better better and better pinhead is f**king amazing

Tanya Y (au) wrote: Probably the most sexist film I've ever seen, but I like Myrna Loy`s lipstick so 3 stars it is....

Kenneth C (fr) wrote: As interesting and compelling as Nick Cave himself. Not sure if I would call it a documentary but beautifully shot and edited.

bill s (ca) wrote: The dogs are the stars here and the rooting interest in this heartwarming feel good film.

Brittni S (us) wrote: I enjoyed this move. Hope to see part two! ????????????????????

Maksim B (ru) wrote: Walking Tall is a typical Dwayne Johnson action movie which hugely relies on his charisma as a wrestler-turned-actor without offering much of content or a story. Clichd, unable to offer any thrills and unnecessarily focused on social and sentimental elements, this is a delivery that can be watched and followed with the half of you attention without missing anything important.Chris Vaughn (Dwayne Johnson) is a former Special Forces member who returns to his town, family and friends after years of service only to discover that the place where he grew up has changed. A local casino, managed by a friend of him, has become the main economic force in the town despite some questionable and potentially illegal practices. When Vaughn decides to go against the establishment he puts not only his life, but also the ones of his family and friends at risk. Usually such type of small-life, town-based actions are all predictable and rely hugely on good acting or social message that can increase the overall emotional load and involve the audience beyond just the average following of the fighting sequences. Unfortunately, Walking Tall offers none of these two elements. It is true that Dwayne Johnson is somehow capable to bear the whole production on his shoulders thanks to his action charisma, but to his disappointment (and ours, as well) neither the remaining cast nor the social context are worth being followed. Director Kevin Bray's movie feel as if you are watching something of which if you miss 5 minutes you will actually miss nothing. This makes Walking Tall an OK Sunday afternoon TV distraction, but even when on the TV you will not be fully captivated by it.