Bell decides to follow the footsteps of his father, devoted to boxing to become champion. But not only must fight against his opponents but against a world where it seems that nobody wants to see it succeed.

Bell decides to follow the footsteps of his father, devoted to boxing to become champion. But not only must fight against his opponents but against a world where it seems that nobody wants to see it succeed. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Guillaume L (nl) wrote: Le moins bon film de Rmi Bezanon, dont la premire partie est russie et drle, mais qui par la suite s'enfonce dans les clichs sur la vie de couple mise mal par la naissance d'un enfant. Mention spciale quand mme au super casting.

Kenta U (us) wrote: Alright, this was not a great movie. I do however think that people are being unfair when they say that it's the acting that's bad. I thought the majority of the primary actors delivered their lines just fine. Note I did say "primary" actors...the film did have it's share of bad acting too. Lacey Chalbert did what she could with a fairly lackluster role, and Billy Zane was fact if there was any criticism to be made on his "acting" it was that he was too funny. He maintained the same disinterested and aloof sarcasm, regardless of the death count or truly threatening nature of the events. That's not the actor's fault...that's the directors inability to reel him in. It's a script issue, not an actor issue. I liked the hook at the end (the big reveal) but I feel like it was wasted since there was nothing to back it up. All in all, what this film suffers from is a horrible lack of originality. The material is made up entirely of jaded tropes, offering absolutely no scenes we haven't already seen in a better film: The ghost in the bathtub scene, the stop-go motion wet haired ghost girl, ala "The ring", creepy kids laughing offscreen, the wind up music box with creepy lullaby, creepy porcelain dolls, and of course ghost's who have nothing better to do with their time than moving furniture for no reason what so ever, until the end of the film where they grow tired of moving furniture and end up killing everyone. I could watch it again to listen to Zane make fun of people if I were bored enough.

Stephen G (es) wrote: This is pitiful. Facts mean nothing to these people

Isaac H (br) wrote: Just as good as 2, if not better. Surprisingly good movie. Enjoyable for any binicle lover. :fresh:

Gabriela E (ru) wrote: it was really good an ill kid gets his last wish before dying. From the start you pretty much know he will die but the journey on the way is what makes the ending good. you will cry or at least i did.

Brandon W (us) wrote: Before Silent House, Chris Kentis and Laura Lau made a low budget shark movie that's surprisingly way better than Silent House, and it's a shark movie too nonetheless. The acting is not A game here, but it's still really good. It's really interesting, and there were some moments where I jumped. The conversations the two main character had are really good and might be something that people would actually talk about when they're in the same situation. The effects are nicely done from what the movie has got, and it's shotted really well consider that it's a low budget one. The actors must've been really brave to be in the ocean with lots of sharks as I wouldn't even do that even if they want me too. Open Water is not perfect, but it's not trying to be and is more or less trying to be an entertaining shark movie which it surprisingly worked in a realistic way.

Loren R (au) wrote: Eine gute Idee, einen Film und Mchtegern Thriller, zwischen den Miss Amerika Wahlen zu machen. Auch Sandra Bullock beweist Sinn fr Hsslichkeit! Die Geschichte ist zwar durchschnittlich, aber Caine, Bullock und Shatner werten den Film ein bisschen auf. Trotz Oberflchlichkeit und Einfachheit ist der Film unterhaltsam

Graydon B (ca) wrote: A great dinosaur film! Not my favorite Steven Spielberg film, but still very damn good film! Plus the MOTHERFUCKING T-REX!!!!!!!!!

Bev R (ru) wrote: Always makes me laugh ...I wonder at this not happening eslewhere!

Al M (mx) wrote: Originally part of Kieslowski's Decalogue series that focused upon the ten commandments, A Short Film About Killing expands the concept into a masterful--if somewhat tedious--full-length exploration of both legal and illegal killing. A stark, clinically detached film in the vein of Michael Haneke's later films, A Short Film About Killing features an almost completely different aesthetic than Kieslowksi's later films (The Three Colors Trilogy or The Double Life of Veronique) which blend technicolor beauty with existential themes. Instead, A Short Film About Killing is a harrowing and brutal depiction of murder and its consequences. A profound indictment of capital punishment, the movie lacks the grace and subtlety of Kieslowski's later works while still demonstrating the political power of cinema.

Carlos I (br) wrote: Fun horror anthology. A little on the cheap, but I actually kind of like this one more than the original. Thanks for the ride lady!

Nguyen Thuy H (ca) wrote: The premise of the film is so simple that you don't exactly question where the story will go. For works as miserablist as this, you care about the cinematography, the soundtrack and everything decorative (which is great here, by the way). But there was an unexpected sequence: that when the villagers were attempting to humiliate the scientist and the woman together. That one lifted this slightly above a standard Nietzche affair that you could have seen from Bela Tarr's The Turin Horse.

Bob L (gb) wrote: I keep hearing 'mondo', 'exploitation' and 'grindhouse' as a way to drum up a genre that justifies this stuff. While a small amount of those are entertaining, this is an example of how it's just bandwagon jumping. Its like a bunch of Italians saw some Hammer horror flicks, realised the boxes that needed ticking, but once filming had started ran out of cash and didn't have the talent to allow for that! Rubbish acting, and the whole thing hinges on one shock at the end, which you see coming within the first 20 minutes or so. To be honest, the poster gives away the ending anyway. Whole thing could've been told in 30 minutes.

Brian R (us) wrote: "It's a well known fact that some men were born two drinks below par." Fabulous Ealing comedy with many of the best British character actors of the time doing their thing and doing it splendidly. The lengths that the islanders go to to preserve their stash of whisky from the sassenach Basil Radford's Home Guard captain are very funny (and also very reasonable - using a bottle as fuel to power the getaway car isn't so much of a sacrifice when you've got 250 cases of the stuff). Jean Cadell deserves a special mention - she is the very embodiment of Scottish puritanism, and was surely used as the template for Mrs Mack in "Take the High Road". Just wonderful. I look forward keenly (not) to the American re-make/re-imagining/re-whatever: "Crystal Meth Galore!".

Tim R (es) wrote: My favorite Harrison Ford movie. Plenty of action and suprises! Air Force One is one hell of a movie!

Thecoach B (kr) wrote: Probably one of the best football movies all time. However it was such a powerful performance that captured the memories of a actual even that took place. This is a great motivational movies for teams who simply have problems with brotherhood, and unity. I couldn't give it 5 stars because some of the football scenes that were filmed were very corny.

Jason S (gb) wrote: extremly boring movie