The movie opens with a scene of a bank robbery in progress. The actions of the robbers during the gateway is photographed by Ashwin (Jeeva). After a chase, the injured Ashwin loses his camera to the robbers but managed to retrieve the memory card. His brave actions are broadcasted in the local TV channels and earns him praises from his colleagues and media friends.

A Press Photographer helps a team of youths to win the election by mocking corrupt politicians in his newspaper, but later the plot moves quite differently. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Ko torrent reviews

Zahid M (jp) wrote: Hilarious...and very well put together suspense and comedy..Defintely worth a watch..

Robert S (it) wrote: If you can stomach the predictable script then you will be able to enjoy the brilliant Pacino and De Niro performances which does actually give you chills. I found the film to be interestingly dark if very predictable and the acting is solid from all parties.

Pamela K (jp) wrote: VERY GOOD MOVIE :) :)

Nat A (br) wrote: This is one of the rare times where my opinion of the movie is in direct contrast with popular professional review. This film is extremely predictable to begin with, though I understand that surprises or twists aren't number 1 when marking a film well. I thought that the film would compromise with heavy symbolism or fulfilling dialogue. But no the symbolism isn't riveting or interesting! It is probably among the least creative romantic films in cinema history. Every turn is exactly where the audience is pointing to, and maybe the only redeeming quality is the humor which is dry and kept at a minimum for some reason. The acting is done well despite the lack of depth in the script, other than a man who seeks to be better at commitment (the most popular romantic theme since the dawn of cinema).

Brian R (de) wrote: One of the coldest Woody Allen pictures I have seen. Gena Rowlands is very good and portrays her character as someone who thought everyone likes her but deep down does not. There is a scene where the Rowlands characters is disliked by her former best friend because she happened to steal away a boyfriend from her best friend Claire (Sandy Dennis). Is disliked by her brother Paul (Harris Yulin), is in a cold lifeless marriage with her husband since her husband is having an affair and seems to enjoy taking advantage of his wife. In the past the Rowlands character had an affair with her teacher and got pregnant by him. They quarrel due to the fact that the Rowlands character is not ready to raise a child while the teacher wants to raise the baby. Years later she regrets having an abortion and is left miserable. The Rowland's character also gets involve with a man she should have been married to but married the wrong guy and evasedrops on a conversation as a woman tells her personal story next door. All of these turn of events become darker and darker but it is evident Woody Allen has based his picture on a recent Ingmar Bergman film called "Wild Strawberries". I guess "Another Woman" is an homage but I was deeply involved with the characters especially the main character played by Gena Rowlands who in retrospect, gets a hard dose of cold reality and decides that she must turn her life around for the better of her own sake.

Tio B (es) wrote: The pleasure of watching this movie is limited by its heroine's sheer detestability. Social-issue films like this one are often taken out of historical context to justify the legality of certain hedonist-friendly practices.

Hamilton D (br) wrote: we watched it in class and it helped me understand what we were studying better. it is something you will remember for a long time; it has a lasting impression.

Greg S (fr) wrote: When the titular street fighter (Sonny Chiba) refuses to assassinate an innocent man, the mafia unwisely decides to put a hit on him. Chiba is much closer to a good guy in this one (he doesn't sell anyone into sex slavery or rip anyone's testicles off their body); the fight scenes are just as elaborate but not as gory and have a deliberate comic element. These changes may make you like less than the original; I actually liked it more.

Mark H (it) wrote: The forerunner of the midnight movie screenings in the 70's, Water's "Pink Flamingos" is as every bit crude today as it was back then, but you cannot help but revel in the charm and dedication the characters bring to the film. An unashamedly enjoyable romp.

Linus M (br) wrote: Slick, superb new wave thriller, as well as the first of the French New Wave movement. skillful editing and cinematography, with a well matched score by Miles Davis. Fans of Godard's Breathless should not overlook this one.

Ole J (ag) wrote: This was a vaste of time, its dumb and not even funny, its very corny and only delivers very few fun moments, but mostly it is just bad and the jokes falls to the ground.

Tatsuhito K (gb) wrote: Absolutely ridiculous yet very entertaining, Goldeneye is a character-driven and action-packed Bond film. It's really good fun.

Scott M (au) wrote: Verhoeven is known for his sadistic characters, and extreme violence. Since these are in this film, there is little to recommend here.

Stephanie T (gb) wrote: Couldn't even hold my attention long enough to finish this garbage. It was so unbelievable, people who live together don't communicate and act they way they portray these two. Such a shame.

Kandis A (kr) wrote: I love this movie!!!