Koi gokudo

Koi gokudo


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:110 minutes
  • Release:1997
  • Language:Japanese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Koi gokudo 1997 full movies, Koi gokudo torrents movie

When an innocent young country girl falls for a low level yakuza, she enters a completely different world in which the line between good and evil are quickly blurred. Through great ups and downs their love will be tested, but the ultimate test lies in whether or not they will survive the downward pull of the lifestyle they have chosen. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andrea V (kr) wrote: Pieraccioni is one of my favourite directors. This film tells the life of a man who takes a break with his wife. The prologue is very simple but allow the reason of a middle age crysis for the protagonist. The film isn't a standard comedy but makes you laugh because the scene that are told could happen to us in the real life.

Dana D (ca) wrote: Could be the best damn documentary ever.

Cheryl N (fr) wrote: This is really similar to Material Girls, or possibly the other way around, but heck, neither stood out for the right reasons.

Joshua R (ru) wrote: A brilliant, fascinating & haunting portrait of the young Macedonian King who conquered 90% of the known world before his death at the age of 32. A fantastic and near flawless script combined with Oliver Stones' expert direction make this one of the very best films of the 21st century so far. A-

Saori N (es) wrote: that boy makes me cry,,,

bill s (jp) wrote: You'll really have to go down the rabbit hole to pull this one up.

Jim H (ca) wrote: This is the story of a violin that starts in 1681 in Italy and ends in present-day New York.It's hard to judge a film in which the main character is a violin. The characters who could give the film life are the people who own the violin at different places and historical moments, but their transience in the violin's "life" make it difficult to attach ourselves to their plights. And the fortune-teller reading the violin's future is clever for about ten seconds. Also, it's never fully revealed what Charles's motives are; is there any care that he could offer the violin that other suitors can't?The score is quite good, and a project that spans five languages and four countries is admirably ambitious.Overall, the main character being a violin didn't work for me, but I admire the effort.

Jarred L (gb) wrote: A very interesting take on urban vampirism! Though low budget and somewhat slow, the film still managed immerse you in its paranoia and strangeness. A good watch.

Paul C (de) wrote: By the numbers thriller which fails to crank up the suspense quite enough. Aidan Quinn is, as usual, pretty annoying and Laurie Metcalfe is completely underused. Very run of the mill!

Adam P (de) wrote: While its theme song is probably the most famous thing about it, Across 110th Street is one of the best blaxploitation films out there, a complex ensemble action drama shot in beautifully-messy handheld.

Kingsley U (ru) wrote: Despite it's compelling performances and at times surreal narrative, this film never lives up to the intensity of the opening credits (a graphic slide show of real life, drug-related homicides). Lee is at his best when his directorial style implores viewers to think for themselves, particularly on the moral consequences of the characters' actions. Clockers does away with this in favor of a direct and obvious message; at best it's preachy, at worst it's nagging.

Dave W (au) wrote: Hadn't heard of this prior to Optimums re-issue of it - and it really was like discovering a hidden gem. Peter Boyle is fantastic (as always)

Mike R (fr) wrote: Only word I can find to describe this film is: Haunting.