Schoolgirls on the verge of adulthood know that boys can be feckless and girls treacherous. Three friends gather around a Ouija board to call forth the spirit of Kokkuri. Masami has a ...

Schoolgirls on the verge of adulthood know that boys can be feckless and girls treacherous. Three friends gather around a Ouija board to call forth the spirit of Kokkuri. Masami has a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Kokkuri-san torrent reviews

jesse k (us) wrote: Listen -- f**k this movie. But the end is good, with Rigo the pitcher. He's gifted but humble.

jonathon loves his ikkle baby s (ca) wrote: the best of the new scooby doo animated films

Alex r (kr) wrote: Men with Brooms is a decent comedy, with a decent cast. Unfortunately Paul Gross has tarnished the "career" he's supposedly had when he directed the beyond awful "war" film, Passchendaele. Therefore this film is eclipsed by that film. Anyhow, before Passchendaele's release, Gross directed this film, and I did somewhat enjoy it, but it lacked something to make it memorable. The idea for the film was interesting, and the gags are good for what they are, but the script does show limitations and the film could have been better. There some good jokes in this film, unfortunately to due an underdeveloped script; most of them fall flat, and go nowhere. The cast (aside from Gross, cause he's a tool) are pretty good here, and I personally think that if Gross wasn't involved in the film, it would have made quite the difference. For what it is, Men with Brooms is a funny little film, and despite the fact this was directed by Paul Gross, it's not as awful as his later film, Passchendaele. The film does have good comedic elements that for the most part are good, and work well enough to be an entertaining film. Overall not a perfect film, but good to watch with friends. The film has some good laughs, despite the fact it's uneven. Watch Men with Brooms but skip on Passchendaele.

isaac o (us) wrote: it is cool the lesson is to fallow your dream no matter what people say

EvaLena I (mx) wrote: A strange story about a couple wanting to be pregnant. When he has a problem she starts to be with others just to become pregnant. After that it all get worse. Not really my kind of movie. :/

Daniel G (ag) wrote: Starts slow and doesn't really do enough.

Michael D (br) wrote: Absolutely ridiculous, yet quite enjoyably so. Inhabiting the same oddball universe as 'El Topo' and 'Greaser's Palace', this is not quite as good as those films, but at the same time it made me laugh more.

Andr D (kr) wrote: "The Deep End" es una adaptacion de la novela de Elisabeth Sanxay Holding "The Blank Wall", de la que Max Ophuls realizo una version filmica en 1949 titulada "The Reckless Moment". Esta version del 2001, no cuenta con la actuacion de James Mason, pero es un sorprendente thriller, con interpretaciones perfectas, un ritmo que crispa los nervios, una solida direccion y una excelente fotografia. Los aplausos van para Tilda Swinton, quien realiza una maravillosa actuacion como la madre que haria cualquier cosa por su hijo adolescente. "The Deep End" es una gran pelicula que ademas de sorprender, logra provocar al espectador.

Knox M (us) wrote: A decidedly inventive second reboot of the television show.

Alfredo G (ag) wrote: i liked it a bit since the technology and how the movies was up-to-date, besides i love dinos, but out of that the movie really sucks. no wonder it was produced only for television.

Meredith W (us) wrote: This charming movie is a pure delight. Doris Day plays an interior decorator who finds she's sharing a phone line with a womanising songwriter - she finds him unbearable at the end of the phone, but there are definite sparks for the better when they meet for real. He romances her as a likeable Texan and almost succeeds ... Great performances from the perky as ever Doris Day and big, strong, dreamy leading man Rock Hudson, with equally brilliant support from the likes of Tony Randell and Thelma Ritter. Witty lines are perfectly timed to have you laughing out loud.

Zoran S (nl) wrote: Better than most of Wayne's last Westerns, mainly due to its Peckinpah-like theme about the collision between the old and the new. It starts off strong but drags a bit by the end.