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W James S (nl) wrote: Melisa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock make an interesting team, although they're not always that funny. The dialogue is so raw with foul language that it left my ears burning, which may be the reason why it's called "The Heat". Not as good as "Spy", which my favorite McCarthy film.

Sgt C (nl) wrote: (46%)A fairly reasonable direct to DVD outing for Snipes, that is better than most of what Seagal can usually churn out without necessarily being up to cinema standards. There's a touch more effort put into the writing, even if it is pretty ropey at times, and the slightly slower pacing allows itself to build at least some sense of character absent from almost all movies of this type; there's also a coherently told plot adding another string to its bow. What does let this down more than a little though is the distracting direction that feels like the director made his way through every annoying effect preinstalled in his camera. With added help from famous faces of Robert Davi, Ernie Hudson, Zoe Bell, and fair share of decent action, making this is a decent watch, if not entirely anything that needs to be seen.

Sarah P (us) wrote: I was excited to see this, but it really fell short of my expectations. It was just kind of "ehh" and the sudden falling in love between Grace and Bruza didn't really make sense to me.

Hans J E (nl) wrote: This danish horror-movie might be a little typical, but it's effective nonetheless. I liked it.

Renan M (ca) wrote: The performances are what make this worth watching.

Howard B (de) wrote: A cult film and with very good reason. Although Kamikaze Girls may first come to most people's attention as a Japanese pop culture icon, it is much more then just that. The two cartoonishly opposite leads of; an attention grabbing biker girl and a border line sociopath obsessed only with cute clothes, are perfectly cast in Tsuchiya and Fukada. Their respective characters are then broken down to their core values and fears throughout the story. Nakashima's trademark imaginatively kinetic direction gets through the plot and character development with ease. The script serves up dashes of perfectly timed humour as well. This is a colourful and detailed film that is so much more clever than it's admittedly positive hype often suggests.

Kevin D (es) wrote: this movie has a tense, intricate set up and a disappointing, sentimental resolution

Kurtis A (ca) wrote: labai gerai nupiestas iki pat smulkmenu, istorija irgi nebloga, bet deja tikrai per ilgas

Stuart K (au) wrote: Produced by Danny Boyle and Andrew MacDonald, straight off their successes with Shallow Grave (1994) and Trainspotting (1996), and written and directed by Kevin Allen, (brother of Keith, who has a cameo.) This is a very fast, furious and funny crime comedy which may not show Wales in a good light, but it's great entertainment. Set in Swansea, it has the Lewis Twins, Julian (Llyr Evans) and Jerome (Rhys Ifans), though they're not really twins but brothers, who are glue-sniffing, cannibis smoking car theives, who live with their family who live off dole money, and live in a series of caravans. Their father Fatty (Huw Ceredig) falls from a ladder while doing roofing worked, cash in hand, for corrupt local businessman Bryn Cartwright (William Thomas). When Bryn refuses to pay compensation for the accident, the twins humiliate Bryn's daughter Bonnie (Jenny Evans), by peeing on her during a karaoke. So, Bryn calls in bent copper Terry Walsh (Dougray Scott), to sort them out, but twins get revenge by killing the Cartwright's dog, and the tit-for-tat continues, until it ends in tragedy and vengeance. For a debut feature, it's very well made, and despite the shoestring budget, it looks like it cost more. Evans and Ifans are very funny as the twins, and this helped put Dougray Scott on the road to greater things, oh and it has a cool soundtrack.

Andhika B (de) wrote: not as enjoyable and accessible as Werckmeister Harmonies. But don't worry, the Tarr trademark (black and white, extended long shot, little dialogue ) is there

Pedrito F (ca) wrote: Joan Crawford left her adopted children out of her will. This movie and the book it is based on are the revenge of her adopter daughter. Parodic, vaudevillesque and atrocious at times the film depicts Joan Crawford as the fallen diva in the need of anger management and self acceptance therapy. Surely Faye Dunaway's most histrionic performance.

Cameron H (br) wrote: In this mockumentary not dissimilar from the five-years-later This Is Spinal Tap, Eric Idle of Monty Python and Neil Innes of the Bonzo Dog Band collaborate in what has to be the greatest Beatles parody/tribute ever made. The premise of the film is simply that the Rutles, rather than the Beatles, were the most popular and influential band of the 1960s onward. Neil Innes is the main songwriter for the group and plays Ron Nasty, and Eric Idle is the screenwriter, director, and plays Dirk McQuickley and the primary interviewer. I was expecting many similarities between All You Need Is Cash and This Is Spinal Tap, and what I noticed is that this film requires the watcher both to know and love all of the many references to the Beatles. Most of the more universally recognized jokes are given to Eric Idle as the interviewer, but anything related to the Beatles requires a lot of trivia knowledge, which sadly dates this film. I liked the actors, especially with Innes and Idle exaggerating the widely perceived traits of Lennon and McCartney, respectively. Ron Nasty becomes an extremely cynical recluse married to a neo-Nazi, and Dirk McQuickley becomes a limited songwriter who can't diverge from the line, "I love you." As an average Beatles lover, I enjoyed the parody side of All You Need Is Cash.I am not a fanboy, however. I consider the Beatles to be my favourite music band ever, but I just don't call myself a fanboy. This film was hardly a parody, and more so a tribute. My friend told me that George Harrison (who was in the film) and John Lennon supported the Rutles throughout the project. I am content with tributes, even if they aren't my cup of tea (not LSD; the Rutles' mind-blowing drug that inspired their psychedelic side was tea). My problem is that the presentation seemed to be a parody. The songs themselves sound almost exactly like other Beatles songs, with slight variations. They're not funny, but they do an excellent job in emulating the Beatles. I'm sure everyone involved, including Mick Jagger and Paul Simon, had a great time making this project, and I was sufficiently entertained, despite the surprising lack of full-fledged jokes.

Weul S (de) wrote: To be 10 & seeing this on the big screen in '39 would've been pure magic. Cary Grant shines in this as part of a trio of British soldiers treasure hunting in occupied India. This is the obvious predecessor of Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom. Entertaining, with the right mix of action & comedy. Escapism at its finest, if you can look past the ethnocentric views of "heathen" India. Hey, it was the '30s.

Mohammad A (fr) wrote: Empire of the Ants (1977)

Dai Z (au) wrote: I have no idea why some people say it is bad.... well, do NOT believe them & IT IS PERFECT

Curtis A (kr) wrote: Great stunts andinventive fights abound. The plot is nearly indecipherable but hey - Jackie falls 40 feet off a clock tower so who cares?! With stunts as dangerous as they look, and jaw dropping acrobatics, this shows pre-Hollywood-schmaltz Chan doing his thing.