Komaram Puli

Komaram Puli

Puli is a 2010 Telugu action film written and directed by S. J. Suryaah, starring Pawan Kalyan in the lead role, with Nikeesha Patel, Manoj Bajpai, Charan Raj, Nassar, Jyothi Krishna, Bhrahmaji, Ali and Girish Karnad in supporting roles and Shriya Saran appearing in an item number.[2] The film features a soundtrack by A. R. Rahman and cinematography by Binod Pradhan. It was produced by Navodaya Appachan and Singanamala Ramesh on a 35 crore budget and was distributed Geetha Arts. The film was released on September 10. The film was originally titled Komaram Puli but was renamed as Puli on the second day of release, following objections by Komaram Sony Rao, grandson of the tribal legend Komaram Bheem, from whose name the title of the movie was taken.[3][

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:Tamil,Telugu
  • Reference:Imdb
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Komaram Puli (Pawan Kalyan) is a honest police officer. He runs a special vigilence team call Puli Team and solves cases. He comes to know about a missin g police officer Hussain (SJ Surya)... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mark D (nl) wrote: Very good film with a touchiig story.

Ricardo R (br) wrote: Really well done, informative documentary revealing how ruthless, cold blooded, selfish and self-aggrandizing this man was. Aptly titled Stop At Nothing with Lance taking no prisoners to try and stay atop a mountain he climbed through deceit, fraud, dishonesty and cheated. I'm surprised he's not in jail.

Kaustubh H (mx) wrote: Gripping from the first frame to the last, Bollywood proves yet again that it is going beyond conventional cinema. As good as any Hollywood spy thriller, the movie draws its inspiration from the LTTE crisis in Sri Lanka and Rajiv Gandhi's assassination weaving a true story with an equally engaging fictional one. John Abraham gives a measured performance which might be one of his best till date. Director Sircar needs appreciation for how vividly and beautifully he has shot through Kerala and Sri Lanka bringing forth both the beauty and the horror that scars its past. Nargis Fakhri gets her fair share and the director intelligently makes her talk in English which gives her a genuine persona and reveals her true self.

Tristan M (br) wrote: So incredibly poorly done. Right from the start we know nothing about the characters, who are literally thrown at us and have zero development. Even by the movies end we know nothing about them, I don't even know a single name! The story is the same as the first one, hold a castle, have a hero knight who will save the day, have a crazy bad king, and in the end a women saves the man. So dumb and terrible to watch, I spent as much time laughing as I did actually paying attention. The action isn't as gory or cool as the original, it's fake CGI and at one point a girl was stabbing a man, and the blood spurts were coming out of the wrong side of the chest! How is that possible!? The ending is dumb, the everything is dumb also. Acting is garbage, script is terrible, and cinematography is bad too even. It steal lots from the original, which it has no ties to whatsoever, and the only thing going for it is it is a sequel. This is usually leads to a bad film, (which it does) but at least having the name of the original makes it a but more inviting to watch, as it is the only reason I watched it. But it wasn't nearly as good, nothing is exciting even in all the action, it's just not well done and it shows. Bad movie, low budget doesn't help, but some character development would have been nice to have a little bit of. Or it would have been simpler if they just didn't go through the work to make it in the first place. Dismal

Iy N (us) wrote: boring and unfunny even if you like dogs

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