Kombat Sechzehn

Kombat Sechzehn


16 year-old Georg is forced to leave his home in the West, which means saying goodbye to his two loves; his girlfriend, and his Taekwondo team, something that is all-important to him. Now living in Cottbus, an economically depressed place where the people are not too fond of things like American culture and foreigners living in their country, Georg soon falls in with a group of angry mates. Together the group delves further into a nationalist way of thinking, and soon they are shaving their heads, and becoming a skinhead gang. "Kombat Sechzehn" features some impressive, proffessional looking fight sequences, as well as a memorable soundtrack. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Derek J (gb) wrote: A decent attempt to adapt a short story, but it gives up on itself for the last half-hour

Mish R (ca) wrote: Well, this was okay for a tv movie. I didn't really expect anything anyways. It passed the time, which is what I wanted.

Katrenia K (jp) wrote: My sone wants to see this BAD!!

sonia t (gb) wrote: it waas good but a bit too much blood!

Leena L (fr) wrote: What? I learned never to consider getting married to a Sicilian fisherman and live on a remote island. Or have a son who bosses me and every other woman around. Madness, passion and dead cliffs surrounded by the sea. Why did I bother.

Nach N (ag) wrote: I didnt know about this movie, I wanna see it.

Sean D (ru) wrote: Okay, ugh. I just don't like this series at all. Resident douche, Dan Robbitae is back killing everyone and everything around his 10 million white granddaughters who all are obsessed with calling his name and summoning him. Even in this last film, he has nothing to do with Candy and barely had anything to do with it in the first film. By now, it's a stupid ass rinse and repeat situation. His dumbass is brought into the real world through some asshole calling his name 5 times in a mirror. By now, I still don't understand shit. The hook, wtf is up with the hook? He has a nonexistent relationship with Candy. He teleports all around like an asshole coming and going when he pleases. He's obsessed with hanging out in areas, that are considered the projects. Why doesn't he exist in space or countrysides or even other countries? Why does he keep killing everyone and expect his granddaughters to keep supporting him. Don't these all take place around the same time period, how come none of the women in all three films know each other and neither is a previous film referenced. Also, what's the point in destroying him if he keeps coming back? What does he get destroyed and come back? Why did the filmmakers feel the need to repeat the backstory in every single film? Why does the series feel incomplete? This film with different characters and elements and a different location is basically the same as the first two. And really the first movie which isn't even that good is the best one. Tony Todd is a really underrated actor. He's becoming one of my favorites, but I need to watch more of his films.

John K (fr) wrote: David Lynch's short was my favorite, really shows how he takes it to another direction

Kevin D (ru) wrote: A pre-Robocop Peter Weller is the highlight here, playing a yuppie who throws down with a big rodent that's nibbling away at his NYC brownstone. This is apparently an occasion for heavy-handed allusions to Moby Dick.

Leonard R (it) wrote: The love scene with Angie Dickenson and Shatner has to be seen to believed!

Robbie M (jp) wrote: Formidable villain, amiable drunken prostitute, Forrest-Gump-like protagonist, and a harpoon in a western. All of these are good things. An enjoyably strange but stilted oater, rather well-shot.

Brandon W (es) wrote: Blades of Glory is a really good spoof movie that is surprising that you can make skating over-the-top entertaining but still have some logic to it. The beginning can be a bit annoying and unfunny, but once it gets to them working together, that's when the film starts to get good. The main characters do argue at times which can annoy viewers, but I actually didn't mind it and find it funny. Will Ferrell and Jon Heder are pretty funny and definitely work together very well. The rest of the cast are funny too, especially Will Arnett and Amy Poehler who are just downright hilarious. The plot is formulaic which you can definitely tell where it's going. The skating scenes are pretty funny and entertaining to watch as you want to see what crazy moves they are going to do next. Blades of Glory is not comedic gold, but it's a good time to watch for fans of Will Ferrell and Jon Heder, but it's probably not gonna sway people who don't like their brand of humor to go see this movie.