Komplett galen

Komplett galen

A married couple are preparing to set up August Strindberg's Miss Julie at a theater festival.

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BLACTACULAR (gb) wrote: This wasn't what I though it was going to be at all. Awesome flick!

Lee M (ru) wrote: More benign than Three...Extremes and less uneven than Eros, Tickets offers a triptych of slender yet genuine delights.

Joe D (us) wrote: lol good. it's definately a B-movie. horrible acting, except for dani filth, who is naturally dark and evil. I loved the amount of gore, a must for any B-movie. watch if you're bored.

Joel K (ru) wrote: Good acting and music throughout. Story is a little sugary, but good nonetheless. NC mountain setting. Iris DeMent and Taj Mahal do tunes. Oh, wouldn't it be sweet to be a musicologist...Alan Lomax style seeking the undiscovered face melters.

Howard G (es) wrote: my dad sold this to me but i wasn't than impressed!

Matthew H (au) wrote: Daylight is a piss-poor excuse for a movie; pretty much everything about it is bad. The script feels like it was written by a teenager, almost the whole cast can't act (except Sly and Viggo), and the scenes defy any simple scientific laws and instead do only what the director wants them to do. It's one of those "why are they just standing there, go!" kinds of movies where everything is fake and manipulated. Rob Cohen has yet to prove himself as a director, and I'm starting to think he never will.

bill s (ru) wrote: Very engrossing movie.what a nice surprise.Rea is wonderful in this tight real life story....great job.

Mark L (au) wrote: The Transporter packs some of the most exhilirating action moments to date, but is weighed down by it's script and storyline.