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David F (de) wrote: I give it two stars (and not just one) only because it's so laughably stupid.

Audny B (de) wrote: Definitely not as good as the manga version. They changed some key elements to the plot and characters, which made the movie far less interesting. If you're a huge fan of Ichigo in the manga, watch out for Yoshii's portrayal -- they're nothing alike.

John R (it) wrote: 150917: Purchased DVD from Beaumont Dollar Tree.

Gary B (de) wrote: Read the book a long time ago but couldnt really make sense of the movie. A shame really coz the book is excellent.

Jerry T (ca) wrote: If you like surfing you will enjoy this movie. The story isn't half bad either.

James T (ag) wrote: I kept watching... Hoping beyond hope that this movie would get going. What a let down.

Sarah F (de) wrote: I would like to see this, i think...

Dave J (mx) wrote: Monday, August 8, 2011 (1996) Fled ACTION/ COMEDY Despite this low 14% by movie critics- I still liked this film since I find that the premised is still somewhat relevent in terms of computer hacking! Dodge (Stephen Baldwin) and Piper (Lawrence Fishbourne) who're chained together, manage to escape from a horrific shooting involving a few police officers who were supposed to mind a group convicts chiseling rocks! As the film progresses, the two characters build a rapport with many plotholes ensure! No use of CGI, and obviously inspired by the likes of Lethal Weapon and The Defiant Ones and Die Hard 2 with the characters using amusing movie references from "What's Love Got To Do With It", "The Fugitive", "The Deliverence", "Shaft" and "The Godfather"- makes this escape picture entertaining! Don't watch this film expecting a masterpiece because it's strictly for action freaks! 3 out of 4

Micheal S (de) wrote: Movie is in my top 5 of all time.

Stitch R (kr) wrote: i absolutely love this movie!

Shawn E (us) wrote: Terrible editing. Product of the 60's that doesn't work now.

Nicholas W (nl) wrote: This is the last of Shyamalan's movies to have such a strong and interesting concept to start with, but maybe to foreshadow what's to come, the ending is extremely underwhelming. It's hard to base a whole career on plot twists.