This is about the illegal radio station, AKY and the men that operated it in Norway, based in Kristiansand and Oslo, that helped carry the fight to the Nazis in the bleakest days of WW2. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Shannon M (gb) wrote: I love this movie!! Matt Damon is adorable, he is such a genuine, affectionate father in this movie. His portrayal of a struggling single dad, combined with his seemingly impossible vision for his family, makes this heartwarming movie one of my favorites.

Paul D (fr) wrote: A modern farce, and I don't just mean the story. Not much comedy, not much entertainment, not much if you find it in a bargain basket.

Russ B (nl) wrote: 3/2/2015: an ok movie. A great cast and a very interesting story, but it wasn't put together well. I would love to see this story redone.

Andrew B (br) wrote: It's not a good movie, but it's fun and Scarlett Johanson is spectacular. While the strange romantic aspect don't really work Johanson and Allens bumbling detective story sort of does.

Judge L (ru) wrote: Thought this was so funny when I was a kid. Still has some fun parts, but it has not aged well.

Sheridan P (de) wrote: Ah Carry on movies. Slapstick, innuendo, and just such silliness :)

Douglas M (au) wrote: In most cases most monumental turning points in mankind's history began the most humble circumstances. The Wright brothers' the plane at Kitty Hawk the entire distance of the flight was less then this wing span of the modern commercial jet. America's first manned spaceflight was only 15 minutes and fell short of going into orbit. For anyone who enjoys those blockbuster films in 3-D film that broke ground for this technology has just been remastered and be released, 'Gog'. Sounds like a ridiculous title for film of such a historical importance even the most audit admirers this movie would have to agree. Released back in 1954 was the first film to be photographed: color 3-D with a widescreen aspect ratio. Reported budget for this film was $250,000 translates to just over $2 million in today's dollars. Because of the scarcity of the necessary projector to view the firms in 3-D most people have only seen this movie in the standard 2-D format. There is only one complete 3-D print this film in existence has many discrepancies between the left and right strips requiring a significant effort to restore this film to its original quality. The result this meticulous work the film is not only returned to it's the status of the diligent cleaning of the film now boasts high-definition technical aspects; video codec, 1080p/AVC MPEG-4, audio format, English DTS-HD MA 2.0. This Blu-ray disc you will be watching this film in a condition far superior to anything filmmaker could have imagined. This film is also the capstone of the Office of Scientific Investigation (OSI) trilogy directed by, Herbert L. Strock. The other two films in the series are 'Riders to the Stars (1954' and 'The Magnetic Monster (1953)'. These films primarily appear to the public fear of technology that was greatly advancing during this period of time. Between the discoveries of nuclear power the increasing forays into outer space was reassuring to the public that there might be such a government-based organization as the OSI. As in the case with many directors of the era, Mr. Strock turned to directing television episodes is a major source of income. Among the shows you worked on 'Highway Patrol', Bonanza 'and 'Science Fiction Theater'.Deep on the Mexican desert a top-secret government project was underway. They were building a facility that would be used for the construction of a space station. When series of inexplicable and occasionally fatal mishaps began to occur on a regular basis the laboratory supervisor, Dr. Van Ness (Herbert Marshall) Doctor was no recourse but to notify Washington. The reaction was to notify the OSI dispatched one of their top investigators, Dr. David Sheppard (Richard Egan). As soon as he arrives at the facility the contacts are the OSI agent already there, Joanna Merritt (Constance Dowling). 150 of the top scientists at the facility have died in the OSI agents traced the death back to deliberate sabotage of the central computer, NOVAC (Nuclear Operative Variable Automatic Computer). After World War II the use of acronyms became increasingly prevalent among the general public. It was not uncommon for movies such as this just push together scientific sounding words to achieve a desired result. This simple acronym was still buzzwords that would catch the audience's attention; nuclear, automatic and computer. The idea of atomic powered thinking machine having automatic control over a facility that employs so many people was actually terrifying at that time.In rapid succession another string of fatalities occurred including five leading scientists, to human test subjects and Major Howard, the chief security officer for the complex. Two of the scientists were attacked but were able to survive albeit with injuries; the Chief Atomic Engineer Dr. Peter Burden (David Alpert) and Madame Elzevir (Valerie Vernon), a soul engineer. Through a meticulous examination of the construction Shepard was able to determine that a high powered transmitter had been built into NOVAC that was not part of the official specifications. It appeared to be in communication with a robotic plane flying overhead. His fiberglass body prevented from being detected by radar. A further concern the central computer was in complete control of two multilingual robots, Gog and Magog. As soon becomes quite obvious the roads were going to be used to completely destroy the complex.It's amazing how much of today's modern technology had been somehow predicted back in this film. Today central computers controlling every aspect of a major research laboratory or construction facility is commonplace. In the years after this film will be many examples computers developing their own agenda which is an anathema to the survival of humanity. When you think of such classic science fiction films that featured similar computers I realized that this movie was a direct ancestor of '2001: a Space Odyssey', with the omnipotent HAl-9000. This movie was also a precursor to another classic science fiction movie, 'Colossus: The Forbin Project'. This film holds more than just the story of the significance of the technology used to present it. Serve as a prototype for some of the most popular and influential themes in science fiction. It also fit in with the long standing trend are oriented sci-fi, exaggerating the current view of the population. In the late 1900s electricity was just beginning to become widespread and authors such as Mary Shelley incorporated into her stories as an example of technology superseding morality. Throughout the 50s the burgeoning space program of both United States and Soviet Union that to a large number of movies depicting the dangers of going beyond the world of our origin. We have moved to genetic engineering as a source of scientifically-based power to now one of the most frightening used themes is that of the singularity seamless blending of man and machine.All the work that was done to restore this film was Bellbrook while the video was virtually flawless with the color palette that is both robust yet never oversaturated. But the main characters dressed in different colored jumpsuits in the steel blue color of the robots this gave the audience is a treat as color became more important in the battle between television and film. This was also an example of the first low-budget movies to depart from the Academy ratio of 4:3 replacing it with a modest widescreen of 1:178. Directorial style of r Herbert L. Strock is far ahead of his time as he was able to fully integrate the illusion of depth as a natural part of telling the story you boarded the overuse technique of tossing objects directly at the audience the plane of the screen. Ironically his vision in one eye was exceptionally poor and he was unable to perceive the 3-D images having to rely upon others opinion as to how effective and realistic it would be. Ironically the director of one of the most famous 3-D films of the time, 'House Wax', was directed by Andr De Toth, who had only a single eye. It's surprising that the studio executives didn't order the enucleation of directors in order to produce higher quality 3-D films. I had seen the movie into the before and always appreciated for its impact on a whole generation of science fiction movies. Upon learning it was going to release that is a fully restored 3-D/widescreen release I almost began counting the days until I could receive my screener. If you watch this with friends in a make any comment about how primitive it seems just remind them that without the first technological steps taken in films like this Marvel Cinematic Universe would seem rather flat.

Kay L (br) wrote: He's no Morgan Freeman.

Daniel C (mx) wrote: Action movie. It was thrilling at some points, but for the most part, just an action movie going through the formula.

Darren H (ca) wrote: Better than the first one.