Khidda (Soumitra Chatterjee) is a swimming coach who teaches swimming to underprivileged kids. He picks Kony (character played by Sriparna Banerjee) from a slum of Calcutta and grooms her to be part of the Bengal Swimming team to compete at the National Swimming Championship. However, politics, poverty and social stigma emerges as distinct roadblocks in their path.

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Kony torrent reviews

Shamith G (ag) wrote: Perhaps this might be the most adept Indian movie after Lagaan...extremely engaging thriller till the last minute....kudos...

Stephanie R (ag) wrote: I saw this movie and I liked it bit it's so sad. It describes me in a way, but not the suicide part.

Sameer K (ru) wrote: Mildly enjoyably crowd-pleaser that takes no risks. It is Disney, after all.

Private U (de) wrote: Simply Awesome ..!!!

Catherine A (au) wrote: very slow did not hold my interest very well

Michael C (us) wrote: Didn't engage me the same way other race documentaries have done. Still, a good topic and they had some amazing footage.

David M (ru) wrote: "The General who became a slave.The slave who became a Gladiator.The Gladiator who defied an Emperor.A striking story ..."So reads part of the script, with that particular line spoken by Joaquin Phoenix's Emperor Commodus towards the end of the film, and with (most of) it being used as part of the advertising for the film, with Russell Crowe as that General/Slave/Gladiator. This was also Oliver Reed's last film, passing away during the shooting of it which led to some scenes being re-worked and others having him digitally inserted into the proceedings. In many ways, this is also the film that led to a resurgence of 'historical epic' films although, to date, none have lived up to this one. The fact that this also has a great soundtrack and some brilliant battle sequences probably also helps!

Zeb E (ru) wrote: Only cause I'd seen it a million times in my youth... the movie's better in repeat viewings, over and over.... can't hate Zed... he ain't dead yet...

Jason D (es) wrote: As the 80's began to draw to a close at the doorstep of the pussified 90's where the MPAA started to become corrupt and censor-happy, so to was the end of the era of grindhouse/exploitation flicks (which mostly died out in the mid-80's), with the exception of one of two stragglers popping up here and there to satiate the bloodlust of hardcore exploitation film fans. As luck would have it, one of those stragglers would be Deadbeat at Dawn, a terrific send-up towards ultra-violent gangster movies (a la The Warriors) with a low budget and a group of film crew/cast members willing to go complete apeshit in order to deliver something brutal and amazing. Deadbeat at Dawn was written and directed by Jim Van Bebber, who also starred as Goose, the vicious leader of the notorious Ravens gang, currently at war with another equally vicious gang called the Spiders, led by late Paul Harper (The Wild Bunch). Thanks to a worrisome girlfriend, Goose is given the ultimatum of leaving the group and settling down with his gf, or losing her forever. Goose opts to leave the gang, which combines with the Spiders who secretly kill Goose's gf, sending him on a downward spiral that has him re-joining the gang for one giant score, only to turn the tables and start an all-out war that excels in being completely over-the-top in violence, blood, and gore. This ambitious, low-budget actioner packs a big, big punch. It's spastic, wild, gritty, and all over the place, pitting us in the a world of seedy and despicable deadbeats where we reluctantly find a little bit of good in the one that's vicious enough to take the entire group down. Deadbeat at Dawn is a true gem of a film for fans of violent actioners and exploitation films. Though produced in 1988, this film definitely invokes the 70's, with wildly imaginative, off-the-wall characters that could've came straight out of an early Tobe Hooper film. It genuinely upsets me that it took this long to finally watch such a demented, yet fun little flick. This is one mean little flick, so stay away if you get offended easily.

Sorin P (fr) wrote: my favorite all time comedy and one of the funniest movies ever

Steve D (ru) wrote: Funny and romantic not great but definitely worth a watch

Patve H (us) wrote: Nunca pens que dira esto.... pero la pelcula supera con creces al libro...

Lea B (gb) wrote: Not one of the best Disney movies, but it's still worth seeing. And it has some nice visuals and fun characters.