Koo tae song loke

Koo tae song loke

One night, a young man Ken crosses path with a woman with amnesia. Unbeknowest to both of them, the woman, named Larn by Ken, is a vampire. When her relatives find and reveal the awful ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:103 minutes
  • Release:1994
  • Language:Thai
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Koo tae song loke 1994 full movies, Koo tae song loke torrents movie

One night, a young man Ken crosses path with a woman with amnesia. Unbeknowest to both of them, the woman, named Larn by Ken, is a vampire. When her relatives find and reveal the awful ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Anthonie B (it) wrote: Steven Seagal's corny voicework is absolutely terrible. The plot is retarded, the fight sequences are all sped up and pretty lame. Movie definitely had me laughing in a few parts. Wouldn't watch this sober.

Angel P (ru) wrote: this was a good movie

Alexander C (de) wrote: A few flaws but otherwise enjoyable movie, may be boring moments but only fleeting ones.

Russell G (it) wrote: An aging detective nears retirement. As he comes to his final week, his superior pairs him with a young partner to pursue a particularly unique serial killer. Each of this killer's victims represents one of seven deadly sins. The two detectives are on a clock to find the murderer before he kills all seven victims. It is a conflicting movie because there is so much to admire but the story itself is not what I want in a movie like this. Strong acting, storytelling and rich details take this to the point where it could be great. This movie deserves credit for pushing the grisly visuals to an extreme so that they resonate and disturb the viewer, as much as a murder scene should. David Fincher is a director who knows how to use darkness, shadows, and sound to build tension; his movies often dwell on dark stories. This movie has an aged feeling to it with washed-out gold tones, shallows that focus the attention on the characters or the subject in the foreground. Fincher forces you to read the facial expressions of the detectives in a highly effective way. At the same time, he also shoves the murder scenes in your face to achieve a repulsive visceral reaction. It does not show the violent actions, but the evidence left behind is truly terrifying. The murder and his psychosis are conceptually fascinating for a murder mystery. It moves in unexpected directions, builds an interesting sub-plot between the partners and shows intelligence and craft in the story. A nagging problem is hard to overcome is the resolution. The mystery, suspense and story all build to an exciting climax, but what happens is unfulfilling, and even unsettling. The direction is excellent and the acting performances are commendable, but when the story does not sit well it is hard to fully praise it. If dark subject matter compels you, and you appreciate an unpredictable yet unorthodox finish, then this could be a bulls-eye.

Helena M (au) wrote: Very charming movie about ideal world.

Dane P (ca) wrote: Sadly pretty dated and slow. Not bad at all its pretty harmless. I'd recommend it to those sci-fi guys who like space travel movies. Sorry this didn't do for me

Bob P (fr) wrote: Oh my God what an amazing & inspirational movie!

The Critic (kr) wrote: An intriguing biopic of one of Western politics' most controversial figures. Handsomely produced and extraordinarily acting, especially by Meryl Streep (of course) in the title role, the film would have perhaps benefited from a more linear narrative and not concern itself too much with Margaret Thatcher's diminishing health. In saying that, this angle does humanise a notoriously rock-hard personality and it's Streep's ability to loose herself in her subject that makes this one of the acclaimed actor's greatest performances. Streep and director Phyllida Lloyd had previously worked together on 'Mamma Mia!' (2008) and it is with 'The Iron Lady' that the pair have found their redemption.