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Leung J (de) wrote: 3/4"" 1/2,, 1/4

Seychelle G (ru) wrote: Just another plant-based documentary highlighting the fact a diet high in animal protein causes disease and ill health in the body.

Roderick B (kr) wrote: 1 of worst films ever made. Want to give it a 0%

Juan G (gb) wrote: At times I was almost furious with the mother obsession for her son... but I also enjoyed very much when with glances and wisdom, the old lady liberated her grand daughter

Sarfara A (ag) wrote: Death and the Maiden directed by Roman Polanski. Film stars Ben Kingsley, Sigourney Weaver. Death and the Maiden is based on the 1991 three-character play of the same name, by Ariel Dorfman (he also co-wrote the screenplay for the film).Set in unnamed South American country. After the fall of fascist regime, the brand new president forms the commission to prosecute those responsible for human-rights violation. Paullina (Signourney Weaver) is a troubled former political prisoner; living with a lawyer who has been asked by the president to lead commission. One stormy dark night Paullina's husband Gerardo returns after meeting the president with a stranger who calls himself a Dr. Miranda - Paullina recognizes the voice and believes Dr. Miranda is the one who raped her multiple times, inflicting bizarre torture upon her. She lacerates Dr. Miranda and ties him to a chair to get the confession out of him - Gerardo is upset at the events unfolding before his eyes - doing everything possible to negotiate between the two. Entire film is set inside a cabin whole night. Film's plot is indefinitely referring to events of Chile during Augusto Pinochet regime. Polanski puts outstanding effort to present and maintain climate of thrill that the audience should be longing for - after recently watching another same year release 'A Pure Formality' (Grard Depardieu & Roman Polanski - similar tone but barely soothing your urge for 'how-the-twist-ending' has got to be); this film comes with different style and methods. Ben Kingsley portrays a loveable character out of what he has been accused of, his persona and way of releasing dialogues earn the momentum of audience towards him, much in quantity than Signourney Weaver - of-course Sigourney dazzles her character of female with rage and potentiality. Death and the Maiden, is about the guilt, redemption, justice. It grows several valid questions to be debated. NOTE: In the Play, at the ending it is not revealed whether, which one is guilty or innocent - however, director Roman Polanski altered the ending for the movie adoption.

Colton M (it) wrote: 70's Exploitation at it's finest.

Thomas D (it) wrote: In order to get the feel and tone of the upcoming Westworld TV series, I decided to take a look back at the 1973 film which inspired the series, directed and written by the great Michael Crichton. In many ways, Westworld is the precursor to Crichton's more famous work, Jurassic Park. 3 theme parks are open to vacationers who want to escape the real world and visit places that resemble the old west, medieval Europe, and ancient Rome. It's a fascinating idea that make this world feel a whole lot like our modern society's love of video games and virtual reality. So that makes it the perfect time for a new adaptation on television. Much like Jurassic Park, Westworld showcases both the pleasurable and horrific sides to such a futuristic idea. Of course it's ridiculous that people are sucked into theme parks like this, but is it really that unrealistic? I tend to think this is closer to the truth than it isn't. It's a relatively small cast comprised of Richard Benjamin, James Brolin, and Yul Brynner as an android gunslinger. The performances are fine, but the character development could have definitely been better. At a mere 89 minutes long, there isn't a lot of time spent on setting up the main character's backstories or even a ton of time on the world's themselves. That can certainly add to the mysticism and the unpredictability of the third act, but character development could have also improved the gravitas of that very third act. With that said, it's definitely an inventive film that has inspired several other sci-fi films since like Predator, Terminator, and obviously Jurassic Park. At the very least, it's a fun venture into 1970's sci-fi, and we all know that was a great decade for sci-fi.7.8/10

Melissa W (ca) wrote: Disturbing but engaging.

katchoo (gb) wrote: gotta love Meat Loaf.