Eri (Matsubara) is a high school student who is anonymous unlike her friend Mitsuko (Yokoyama) who is the target of amorous advances from their teacher, Ichida (Tsubouchi). Eri comes across a novel way to protect Mitsuko: find a cursed funerary urn that contains ashes reputed to cause death and give said ashes to teacher.

Eri is an inconspicuous female high school student who goes completely unnoticed by her classmates. In contrast, her childhood friend Mitsuko is the class leader and is constantly hit on by... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matt L (gb) wrote: Not every Indian movie is a lavish, kinetic, three-hour musical. A few of them are quiet, sad, lonely, lovely films like this one. This could easily have been a play, anchored as it is in one room for most of the time. Ajay Devgan and Aishwarya Rai play childhood sweethearts who reunite at her house while he's in Calcutta on business. The two circle around each other as flashbacks detail the breakup of their old relationship as Rai's character Neeru found herself in an arranged marriage. (My only complaint is that the art department seems to have not even bothered to phone in making the two actors seem younger/older than the fifteen years or so that separate them from the flashbacks.) Rai is very good at playing sad and gorgeous, and the story is well-written, taking an interesting turn just when it needs to. Great stuff.

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