Kozijat rog

Kozijat rog

Middle Ages. Bulgaria is under the Ottoman Empire. Somewhere, far in the mountains, goatherd Karaivan lives with his wife and little daughter. One day, while he is away, Turks burst into ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:88 minutes
  • Release:1994
  • Language:Bulgarian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:remake,  

Middle Ages. Bulgaria is under the Ottoman Empire. Somewhere, far in the mountains, goatherd Karaivan lives with his wife and little daughter. One day, while he is away, Turks burst into ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Justin B (de) wrote: Slow burning, rich in atmosphere and enthralling from beginning to end.

James U (gb) wrote: This movie is ideal for the phrase, "What the hell did I just watch!?" It really does a great job of tampering with your sense of time and your perspective on what the threat of the movie actually is. My biggest problem is that there is absolutely no explanation, no bigger evil that is pointed to as the cause. It seems to be generic during the beginning, completely confusing near the middle and the end is...I don't even know. Only reason I gave it a decent rating was cause I genuinely was disturbed after watching so I guess it did the job.

Steve N (fr) wrote: Football meets It's a Wonderful Life. Good story and of course football. If you had a chance to live your life again..what would you do?

Robert B (de) wrote: Considering the cast I was hoping for more. Sam Rockwell plays a chemist who is led astray by the beautiful trophy wife played by Olivia Wilde.

James K (ca) wrote: Ghibli returns with a magical world created for those who believe in the magical creatures.

Bo B (mx) wrote: Best musical documentary I've ever seen

Louis F (au) wrote: Surprise indi film with a fab cast. Broderick, Alda, and rest were awesome along with the lovely Virgina Madsen.

Tracey W (nl) wrote: another war stuff up by the usa. Nice one bush government!

Sasho M (ag) wrote: broken lizards are at it again with their goofy slap chop comedy. this films will get many laughs. enjoy it!

Jenevieve H (fr) wrote: Incredibly moving depiction of an otherworldly life - I like to watch this one whenever I am feeling frazzled and remember what it is like just to live.

Federico I (jp) wrote: A film to think about it

Brian B (ag) wrote: Ray Harryhausen is probably laughing somewhere. Somehow special effects have gotten worse in the past fifty years or so.

007 W (ru) wrote: It's fine, not really bad to me but fine

Bobby M (br) wrote: It has its moments of funniness. Plus its not too shabby.

Lucas Y (us) wrote: An absolute shit sandwich. What's funny is how Flixster calls the new Kevin McAllister a Macaulay Culkin lookalike and soundalike. He's truly awful. 60 minutes of French Stewart squinting his eyes and making funny faces is equally awful. This is the second worst Christmas movie ever behind Merry Frickin' Christmas.

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Winry R (br) wrote: its sad, I liked it.

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Brad G (de) wrote: "We're gonna win & I'll tell you why: Superior attitude, superior state of mind...we'll get 'em buddy...every fucking one of them." Hard To Kill is my go-to Seagal flick. It's utterly ridiculous and the majority of the dialog is laughably intense. You can't keep a good cop down. After capturing William Sadler's diabolical politician conflabbing with shadowy criminals, Seagal's top detective Mason Storm falls into a bullet-induced coma. Seven years later he awakens and using Kung Fu's special herbs & spices, Seagal recharges his ass kicking batteries, pushes the memory of his dead wife outta his mind, and falls face first into the cavernous lips of nurse Kelly LeBrock. Seagal takes Sadler to the bank...the blood bank, horrendously destroying a plethora of corrupt cops and slap happy goons. VF.

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