Kraanthiveera Sangolli Raayanna

Kraanthiveera Sangolli Raayanna

Life saga of Indian brave freedom fighter Sangolli Rayanna against British...

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Amari S (fr) wrote: OverviewA cute love story tainted, slightly, by the grief and guilt of those affected.Review (with Spoilers)Like so many films I review, especially as of late, this is another film which likely you may not have heard about, but is perhaps worth seeing. For despite pretty much having no actor amongst the bunch with any type of name recognition, and the actors seeming a little green at times, it does have a sense of heart which can get to you. Well, if you can excuse some aspects of the film anyway.Characters & StoryWhat is presented in the beginning is a love story in which young Gabby (played by Elise McNamara), your general sweet, all American girl, who loves baking, is on her way to work and her boyfriend calls. She doesn't answer because she is a careful driver, and never one to drive above the speed limit, but then something in the road makes her swerve and next thing we know she is damn near a vegetable who may be able to breathe on her own, but has seemingly no motor skills and cannot talk. Despite this though, boyfriend Marcus (played by Daniel Dambroff) lets it be known his love and loyalty to her will not end, especially considering that day was going to be the day he was to propose.Thus leading to a film in which you think you are going to simply watch flashbacks of the happy couple as he waits for good news, but that doesn't happen. For one, Gabby's mom Sandra (played by Aria McKenna) complicates things because she cannot mentally handle Gabby's condition, and then there is Elliot (played by Christopher Clawson). Elliot is a published writer who seemingly enchants Marcus, due to him being an English teacher with a strong fascination in literature, and since their meeting at a grief group session, the two grow close. Both share their stories about their loved ones, with Elliot talking about his brother but, due to Elliot's actions, their friendship seems to come to an abrupt end. Then, right after, Sandra calls with news about Gabby which I think will lead most of you to tears.PraiseWhat I loved most about this movie was the love story. Gabby and Marcus make a cute couple and seem like the kind you'd see on a teen drama on ABC Family, and their story, as a whole, almost seems like it would befit a young adult novel. For, with Marcus being so loyal, despite being told Gabby may never recover and, even if she does, she won't be able to walk and talk, seeing him want to stick by her despite that, and talk with her and seem so in love that her situation seems not to matter, really just makes you want to say "aw."CriticismHowever, despite what you may see in the trailer, let me forewarn you that while this love story is present, a good portion of the movie features two very discomforting relationships, both of which involve Marcus. The first one being his relationship with Sandra who, while grieving, finds herself acting like a horny schoolgirl trying to be intimate with her daughter's boyfriend. And it doesn't end there, for while seemingly Elliot is just this weird guy who is bonding over mutual grief with Marcus, then things get weird and it begins to seem like Elliot is perhaps falling in love with Marcus and to me, though you recognize people grieve in different ways, it just seemed like both stories were just unnecessary exclusively due to the romantic, or perhaps lustful in Sandra's case, undertones of which even Gabby's sister Erin (played by Trisha Carr) calls Marcus out on.Overall: TV ViewingThe highlight of this film is without a doubt the love story. For while it sort of shares focus with the madness listed in the critique, it truly is what keeps you watching the film to see if this will end happy or with Marcus forever waiting. However, what is mentioned in the critique is so wtf-ish that it drives me to saying that this is only worth TV viewing. But, considering this may never actually end up on TV, I'd just say if you are bored one Sunday and want to watch something interesting, for a lack of a better term, check this film out.

Eliabeth M (it) wrote: This movie was good I can relate to the dis-function in the family.

bill s (ag) wrote: Good acting cant save a crappy script.

Moni B (jp) wrote: A very interesting documentary about the pooling of several students trying to dance "Le Sacre du Printemps" by Igor Stravinsky under the conduction of several dancing-masters and Sir Simon Rattle who conducts the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. A gripping study. What interested me the most was the work in the orchestra and the development of the students. Awesome! :)

Clay B (fr) wrote: MOZART AND THE WHALE (2005)

Aleksandar J (it) wrote: Nazalost, Decoys mi se mnogo manje svidio na drugo gledanje nego na prvo :-( Pocetak je odlican, ali kako film odmice, umjesto da ima sve vise i vise humora, radnja iz nekog razloga postaje sve ozbiljnija (?!). Kad gledam srcedrapajucu scenu u kojoj u pozadini gude tugaljive violine dok neki debeli lik sto lici na Elijaha Wooda i plavusa vanzemaljka sa pipcima lamentuju nad svojom ukletom ljubavlju (ili ljubavi?), odma mi ne bude dobro. U sustini, ovo jeste dosta solidna obrada motiva popularnih u osamdesetima, ali ni blizu uspjesna kao Rodrigezov Faculty, koji je sigurno bio i jedna od direktnih inspiracija za ovaj film - eto npr. glavni lik je pljunuti Josh Hartnett. Ima i dosta dobrog humora, e jedini problem pravi tih nekoliko debilnih scena koje je trebalo mnogo bolje rijesiti i okrenuti na zezanciju.

JasonandMary R (es) wrote: The whole button eyes thing will scare the little ones and creep you out. I would not recommend to under 10.

Eric H (br) wrote: This is an average comedy. Don't expect anything special from this movie, just some jokes in old 80-s style. I can't say that this is a bad movie because I am a basketball fan and any movie that has something to do with basketball, I watch and probably like as well. But if this movie would be about ice hocky or something like that I would grade it with one. All actors did fine, by that I mean that I saw nothing special neither anything really bad. Overall O.K. movie for basketball fans and a good movie for people with bad film taste.

Jeremy S (nl) wrote: a sequel was made for whatever reason which I found odd it didn't need to be made as there really wasn't a cult following from the first or anything

Liam U (au) wrote: Not bad, but not quite good.

Andrew S (it) wrote: If I could only name one scene that sums up the bewildering wonders that this film holds, it would have to be the soul baring scene where a young girl reveals to a confidante that she saw her father having an affair, something that has deeply upset her... neglecting to mention that earlier that day she also saw her now-cannibal mother eating her brother. That girl has unique priorities in family dysfunction.I can't leave without also mentioning that the cannibal zombie virus is spread by one dude's dick. A chilling AIDS parable that beat Philidelphia by 4 years.

Andy T (nl) wrote: First Contact's time traveling plot might be confusing at first, but the characterizations, writing, and performances eventually create an interesting and entertaining space adventure.