Kranes konditori

Kranes konditori

A woman who has sacrificed everything for her family meets a man who makes her reassess her life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jamar A (ru) wrote: seen it. good... can't comment with stars, computer too slow lol

Alexander C (jp) wrote: Its got alot of good actors...But nah im not trusting the man :P

Meghan T (fr) wrote: Mario Van Peebles has made an excellent film with so many layers to digest behind it's making beyond what's actually on screen. It must've been an emotional experience taking on the role of his father and acting across from himself as a child. Reliving past moments in his own life from his father's point of view. All of this translates into a film that speaks volumes and pays tribute to the underdog who will fight for a dream at any cost. Even when it seems crazy and hopeless. I adore this movie. Baadassss!

Alla H (kr) wrote: i seen half of it and what i seen it was good

Ted S (ca) wrote: One of the best pieces of science fiction ever, even if you've never seen the series. The writer is so good. The ideas presented are thought provoking. There is humor at the end of each scene. You'll enjoy this ride.

Sausages M (de) wrote: What a great thing this movie is. A gay romance that doesn't end in tragedy, doesn't feature AIDS or people prancing around like the ridiculous poofs the straight world frequently paints us as. But not only is it that, it's also a time-capsule of working class life in Britain in the mid-90s. And considering it was only 16 years ago, it's another world. That was the thing that was the most interesting thing for me about the film. Unintentionally they have made a film that captures a sort of pre-chav spirit that is now dead and gone in a world of workfare and Orwellian misery. But back to the film- it really is a wonderful feel-good piece which delivers a slice of realism with a romantic twist. The sort of film that makes you glad to be gay. The ending is a little unrealistic, but then that is kind of the point.Linda Henry's is the surprising, given her current Eastenders career stand-out performance here, closely followed by Glen Berry and then Scott Neal. And all set to the music of Mama Cass. I think I may have to purchase some of that now :)

Tor M (ru) wrote: I believe this is my first Bowie film. It also feature another music star, Ryuichi Sakamoto. Naturally not as big around here, but his a known Eastern star.Well, some Brits are POW's at a camp in Japan. There are especially three British guys we get to know, and three or four Japanese fellas. The setting is 1942, WWII and the Japs are not very gentle. Still they show lots of emotions and dignity. The officers in command got it more in their mouths than they truly put to actions, the soliders often tries to perform harakiri or "seppuku" - self belly cutting for letting down someone or themselves. This is the best way of it, a truly honorful death.Bowie as Jack Celliers delivers a fine performance. Tom Conti as Lawrence is just as good and the Japanese actors are very Japan-like. Solid stuff. The first hour is not as interesting as the second hour. More happenings here, less waiting and talking. Some neat flashbacks and very cool scenes are present - it's making up for a mediocre beginning. It's more emotional than dramatic or exciting. It never really gets me, though. Culture clash and humanity and differences is key here and with some homosexual vibes we have a pretty unique film in a war setting. Solid score by one of the leads, Ryuichi Sakamoto, is also a plus.7 out of 10 flower eaters.

Jason C (kr) wrote: Less interested in exploring criminality and honor then most of the series. More interested in it's more farcical aspects. This would be fine but the plot is overly complicated, with to many different parties involved. The fights scenes are also less impressive then in previous outings. Mifune shines though and makes it well worth seeing for fans of the Zatoichi series or Mifune.

Augustina S (nl) wrote: This film is so odd that I'm not quite sure what to say about it. It was made in the brief era of MGM history where they had no clue how to use Garland's talents, and the result is a clunky, unimpressive and often bizarre flick that leaves a lot to be desired from its talented cast (including Fanny Brice, Billie Burke and, of course, Judy Garland). I did love the bit at the beginning where Judy starts singing a swing song at that uptight girls' school, which made me wish the entire film was about a rebellious girl trying to be an individual in a snooty and repressive environment. That would have been a much better film than this! Admitedly, some of the songs are fun, like when Judy sings "Down on Melody Farm." Of course, there is that regrettable bit involving blackface, which leaves me highly disappointed as a Garland fan and serves as further proof why this film should be avoided. The Baby Snooks bit was very disappointing, too, seeing as how I am a fan of the original radio broadcast (and if you're familiar with it, you know just how funny and witty it is) and this was a pale, watered down rendition that did not resemble the show in the slightest. Overall, this film has been largely forgotten by the populous and deservedly so, as it wastes its talented stars with a shoddy script and forgettable (and sometimes offensive) musical numbers. Skip it.

Chris S (fr) wrote: I am completely stunned! What a twisted thriller!