Krautrock: The Rebirth of Germany

Krautrock: The Rebirth of Germany

BBC 4 documentary about 1970s German progressive music.

Documentary which looks at how a radical generation of musicians created a new German musical identity out of the cultural ruins of war. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jade R (mx) wrote: Very powerful war movie. Highly recommend. Acting was brilliant!!!

Rod G (ca) wrote: "Carancho" nos muestra el verdadero rostro de las aseguradoras de accidentes de transito y su codicioso propsito lleno de amenazas y muerte fuera de las carreteras. Lstima que su ritmo sea tan lento y aburrido que uno apenas puede seguir dicha trama tan prometedora.

Melissa V (es) wrote: A great explaination of 80's punk and the new wave movement. I thought the interviews were great and the opions regarding corportate punk were well expressed. Very well done!

Olly J (au) wrote: Not amazingly laugh out loud but then again I only laugh out loud at Jackass. I never fully expect to laugh at a comedy, I sometimes am just happy with them being nice, a bit like Flight of the Conchords. So I can never really judge a comedy by how much a actually LOL so to spea.Anyway, Role Models was pretty much feel good all the way through, loads of funny scenes and good lines, the whole LARP business is ripe for the picking and I was glad they didn't bash it as that would be rather predictable and boring. Sean William Scott was really good in it and makes me wonder why he hasn't done more "big" comedy films.Well worth a watch, especially for the awesome Kiss make up.

Calvin R (us) wrote: The Corpse Bride is a great animation. Tim Burton knows how to make a imaginative visually, emotionally depth, great story, animation. The voice overs were great by all the actresses, and actors, as well.

RJ M (nl) wrote: A blatant Top Gun ripoff, this movie showcases the US Army Apache Helicpoter. Nicolas Cage assumes the Tom Cruise role as the hotshot helicopter pilot training to fly the Apache. Tommy Lee Jones is the token instructor who's seen it all, but remains in awe of the hotshot new pilot. Non-actress Sean Young line reads her way through the useless love interest role, who also just happens to be a helicopter pilot. And you thought the love story in Top Gun was wooden. All of this is moot since the movie serves only to throw the Apache into battle sequences. We get all the training sequences as our "hero" proves his stuff, until the squad is thrown into combat against a drug cartel at the end of the movie. The final battle sequence is fast moving and exciting, and wraps up the movie well. The journey to get there is as cookie cutter as these movies get, and at times you think they are making a parody of this genre. There are a couple of times the movie seems more Hot Shots than Top Gun. Still, as far as 80's action movies go (ok, it was released in 1990, but was MADE in 1989), it's a decent way to kill 90 minutes.

Matt K (gb) wrote: It's it a documentary? A docu-drama? A work of fiction? I don't know. Is it really interesting? Yep.

Caandra J (au) wrote: not really as good as I hoped it would be

George C (fr) wrote: Intense spy thriller which is brilliantly shot. It's weird seeing shots of London at the time and recognising the locations. Richard Burton is awesome and the last hour is particularity tense. I really want to see Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy now.

Mark D (gb) wrote: Watchable cos its laughable. Its hearts in the right place, but seems to tell its tale like a 7 year old. Lugosi's scenes are stand out. Some cracking but awful dialogue.

Ben H (it) wrote: Great noir with great performances from Widmark, Peters and especially Ritter. Extremely misogynistic and brutal, with dubious pro-McCarthyist politics (even a pick-pocket can help the fight against Communism).

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Troy A (fr) wrote: Rockwell at his best. really good movie.