Krídla Vánoc

Krídla Vánoc

The film's protagonists get an opportunity to make a wish. Consequently, their lives take the path they themselves ordained. Several "coincidences" bring them everything they wanted and ...

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Beata C (au) wrote: good laugh .... but it isn't uncuntrolable laugh thou....: ) however... there is some truth in the story , like .... how ironic life is sayz don't take anything to seriously...........have fun....cause it is the only thing you've got, in the end....:P

Seja P (ru) wrote: this was a good moive.. it was a mix of comedy and horror...

Randy T (de) wrote: A fantastic offering from Israel depicting the comradeship between soldiers assigned to an isolated outpost in Lebanon. Director Joseph Cedar centers the focus on his characters by putting the camera right down in the trenches with them. Other than their mortars and missiles you never even see the enemy, increasing the sense of isolation and (sometimes) despair. A fitting tribute to the brave men who actually served at Beaufort.

Paul N (fr) wrote: A Chinese Tall story has to have one of the craziest plots I have ever seen. Featuring a monk with a group of supernatural guardians, hoards of bug soldiers, a group of demons, and time travelers from the future, you get a movie that is funny, dramatic and action-packed. When the wandering monk reaches a city, they praise him but soon try and sacrifice him to have the children of the city returned. One of his guardians launch him on their staff that can do just about anything when you tell it "I will love you for 10,000 years" which causes him to land in a demon camp with a foul looking demon who falls in love with him.If you want to see a crazy movie, with one of the most off-beat plots I have ever encountered, A Chinese Tall Story is definitely up you're alley. Don't be afraid, dive in, it won't kill you, and if it does, giant Buddha will come and re-animate you as a horse anyway.

Ash J (es) wrote: These dancers are incredible and the documentary itself shares a lot about the dancer's personal lives trying to achieve fame.

Natalie M (de) wrote: A really interesting concept with beautiful thoughts about film from world-renowned filmmakers. The actual structure and craft of the documentary needs a little work though.

Alex V (gb) wrote: So insanely strange. Adam Gordon you little hipster!

Christopher B (mx) wrote: Just odd, one of those strange sorts of movies that is done by somebody coming down off a good mushroom trip.

Thomas B (au) wrote: A funny movie of a day and a life of these car-wash employees. (Ps: the title song isn't bad ether)

Pavan R (ag) wrote: Bronson with his understated class is superb and carries the movie entertaining watch overall!!

Paul Z (nl) wrote: Was it real, or wasn't it? It certainly was for those who were attacked by the demon. But for those who weren't...Now that's a brilliant monster movie.

Mahir T (ru) wrote: This is a movie about the boom and bust fortunes of oil wildcatters,

Maria T (us) wrote: A nice way to start on Ozu