Kriemhild's Revenge

Kriemhild's Revenge

After Siegfried's dead, Kriemhild marries Etzel, the King of the Huns. She gives birth to a child, and invites her brothers for a party. She tries to persuade Etzel and the other Huns, that... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Drew B (fr) wrote: good deal, always nice to see the good guys win in the end.

Cody M (ag) wrote: Like Mike does the job right to entertain younger audiences.

Jordan P (br) wrote: It's not unwatchable, and it does keep your interest. However, it's far too simplified. The original graphic novel by Alan Moore ("Watchmen," "V for Vendetta," "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen") and Eddie Campbell ("Alec") was more than just a "whodunnit" tale. It was about the end of the 19th Century and the anarchy surrounding it, sensationalism, and Masonic power. And Jack the Ripper is the main character. Oh well.

Justin B (gb) wrote: I both want to cry foul about how underrated this movie is and criticize those who adore it. It's cleverly written but overdrawn dialogue scenes kill the momentum. Like much of Kevin Smith's body of work, it's a shaky and uncertain but mostly successful step in a new direction. Most importantly it successfully satirizes it's subject with the utmost respect for it.

Harry W (es) wrote: Pinning action mastermind John McTiernan with action superstar Arnold Schwarzenegger, Last Action Hero sounded like an interesting spectacle.Last Action Hero is very much John McTiernan's equivalent of Danny Cannon's Judge Dredd (1995), preceding it by two years. Both films feature big-name action stars essentially parodying their own careers in a films that attempt to simultaneously exist as legitimate action films and parodies of them at the same time. John McTiernan arguably pulls off a superior directorial effort than Danny Cannon, but he still fails to find a sufficient balance to make it work.Given that John McTiernan has the credit of creating some notorious action films such as the critically acclaimed classic Die Hard (1989), he sounds like the ideal director for Last Action Hero as he can therefore see to it that the production values implemented into the film are top notch. His role in the film is certainly valuable because his stylish direction ensures that there is much visionary sophistication to bolster the film. Top notch scenery and production design give the film a convincing universe which is then captured with strong large-scale cinematography and given the additional strength of firm visual effects. The sound editing is also impressive, and the musical score captures the intense energy of the film with ease. However, the stylish value of the film fails to compensate for its writing. Even though Shane Black is one of the writers in Last Action Hero, the interference from others has clearly taken its toll on his signature style because the balance between comedy and seriousness in Last Action Hero is not in tune with his finer works. The story in Last Action Hero is shameless. It is based on the ridiculous idea of a character from a film entering a film-within-a-film. In this case, it's a big-budget action film, and nobody on the writing crew pretends that there is any internal logic regarding the way that young Danny Madigan enters the world. Rather than messing around attempting to create some kind of scientific explanation for the fact that this happens, Last Action Hero simply takes the gimmick of its ridiculous story and runs with it, hoping that it will run fast enough to speed past the intelligence of its audiences. Clearly logical thinkers are not the intended viewers for Last Action Hero, but given that there is far more focus on comedy than action in Last Action Hero it is unfortunate that everybody has to be subjected to a low standard of cheap gags which are likely to appeal to a very select group of them. Most of the action scenes are too busy trying to be funny for there to be sufficient stunt practicality or tension in any of them, and the humour is too childish and repetitive for there to be any genuine comic value that comes from any of it. But what's worse is just how little there is. John McTiernan holds a legendary name in action cinema and yet Last Action Hero has so little action to its name, even though it is the second word in the film's title. Minimal action in an Arnold Schwarzenegger film is a serious problem, and replacing it with a bunch of ineffective gags does not suffice.Essentially, the tone of the film is completely off. Some of the jokes such as Sylvester Stallone being cast in Terminator 2: Judgement Day (1991) are really funny and the dedication that everyone has to the project certainly displays ambition, but the inability to balance action and comedy creates the wrong material for the audience and then forces it on them for beyond two hours. On top of it all, for some reason there are attempts to implement actual character drama into the film. Given that it is a comedic parody of an action film there is really no point anywhere along the way that any actual depth has a reason to be present. Frankly, there is just far more running time than actual writing in Last Action Hero. The crew involved in making the film seem to have earned a big paycheck, but it comes at the expense of the audience pleasure.The key problem with Last Action Hero is the characterization of the protagonist. Rather than working the action movie tropes into the story with any subtlety, the young boy of the story insists on repeatedly pointing them out. Danny Madigan has to repeatedly remind himself and audiences that he is the most generic child archetype that the studio could come up with. Being the sidekick to Arnold Schwarzenegger's character there would have been comic potential with the part if the film had any subtle satire to pursue on the topic, but with the blatantly repetitive writing behind the character and merciless juvenile humour backing it, there is little originality within the character. Danny Madigan may be a character who can appeal to younger crowds, but he is not one to win much approval with older audiences. He is a very poorly written character who leaves the young Austin O'Brien with no real room to evoke any kind of a charming performance. The 12 year-old actor is given the responsibility of being the relatable character even though the dialogue he emits is less convincing than the intentionally fake one-liners delivered by his co-star. Austin O'Brien's childish gimmicks offer nothing favourable for a character which does nothing clever with them, ensuring that he experiences the same treatment of characterization given to Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace (1999).Arnold Schwarzenegger is still in entertaining form though. It's clearly not the actor's finest hour and there are countless lines he has to deliver which are more cringe-worthy than comedic, but he remains dedicated to lampooning himself in Last Action Hero and delivers some sporadic flair as a result. Arnold Schwarzenegger puts plenty of comic charisma into his performance and wades through the lesser moments of the script with endless passion for the project. He effectively works with the comic intentions of the film by speaking every word with as much cheesy potential as possible, as well as keeping a strong physical engagement with the action sequences. Even the film's pretentious attempts at drama are bolstered all the more by Arnold Schwarzenegger's cheesy nature because it prevents any attempts at drama from interfering with the main ambitions of the film. Arnold Schwarzenegger does not get enough time to kick ass in Last Action Hero, but his efforts ensure that there is some fun to be had with the experience.Charles Dance is stuck with the role of playing a generic and repetitive villain, but he makes a convincing effort in doing it. Tom Noonan manages to do a better job because he is effectively creepy and sadistic during his small amount of screen time. Bridgette Wilson also makes a likable presence. There are also a long list of celebrity cameos who bring a touch of fun to the film, and among the better examples are Ian McKellen, James Belushi, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Sharon Stone and Robert Patrick.Arnold Schwarzenegger's cheesy charisma gives a sporadic sense of fun to Last Action Hero, but beneath John McTiernan's sense of style is an overlong mess which is short on action, big on repetitive juvenile humour and completely bereft of satire.

Jessa A (br) wrote: My favorite movie I'm the biggest Elvira fan ever

The Movie G (it) wrote: Hilarious and spooky??. A movie that will always be a classic!

Matthew S (nl) wrote: A rather strange addition to the film noir genre. You have all the elements of a noir film all be it some are reversed (the femme fatale is a man - Richard Widmark) plus some really brutal violence against the two lead women (one suffers a very cleverly shot psychological beating before she is murdered off screen - whilst the leading lady is violently thrown around a room during a sustained beating that concludes with her being shot), These scenes are still shocking today and separate this film from every other film I can think of in the genre. You have a heavy anti-communist propaganda element and the only spoiling factors are some obvious continuity errors and some rather cheesy incidental drama. That said, this is a great film. Samuel Fuller seems much more confident directing the tense and violent scenes and it's these scenes that make the film. Widmark is fantastic and confident 2-bit criminal but every cast member plays their role convincingly and with conviction, except perhaps Jean Peters but even she can be forgiven for her rather flat delivery considering the sustained beating she takes!

Justin O (us) wrote: Bigfoot never looked so wimpy before.

Ky K (de) wrote: It's a watchable erotic thriller movie.