When a college girl who is alone on campus over the Thanksgiving break is targeted by a group of outcasts, she must conquer her deepest fears to outwit them and fight back.

In order to save money for study, Justine, a college girl decide to stay alone in the campus while her friends all leave for Thanksgiving break. One night, Justine drives to a convenience store and is threatened by a strange girl named Violet. Justine soon becomes the target of a group of outcasts and she has to fight back to survive. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Pete M (au) wrote: Straight to DVD sequels are usually nothing but terrible, but this one, wasn't all that bad. Some of the new faces I wasn't too fond of, but luckily there were a few old ones which kept the flick together. It's worth a watch.

Ron H (gb) wrote: if you have 90 minutes to kill, watch it. makes fun of San Fran and its stereotypes. yawn

Miguel R (gb) wrote: The songs are decent, but Happy Feet is a really far fetched and exaggerated animated film not worth your time

Brent M (jp) wrote: Kinda silly zombie movie. Ned Beatty was a nice surprise in this movie as the straight man in this comedy. Must see if youre a steve buscemi fan, but otherwise theres just a few laughs here and there.

Tino R (ru) wrote: A very funny and satirical look into the world of late 80's/ early 90's Gangsta Rap.

(ag) wrote: No idea what goes on in the mind of this complex protagonist. The question is if he is either a bad guy, or a victim of an unknown background, and even though his extreme attitudes may hand us some funny moments, the spectator can't help but feel sorry for Bill, and that's what Falling Down does right. 4.5 out of 5, baby.

Dwight C (kr) wrote: My grand parents were in that movie both of them on mom and pops side. It was filmed in Grenada

Dann M (au) wrote: Mercury Rising is a stereotypical '90s action film that's fairly entertaining, but familiar. When a 9-year-old autistic boy accidentally cracks a top secret government encryption code a rogue section of the NSA attempts to eliminate him. The story's pretty ridiculous and is full of plot holes, but the chases and fight sequences add a lot of energy to the film. Bruce Willis, Alec Baldwin, and Chi McBride lead the cast, and are able to add some personality to otherwise rote characters. A by the numbers thriller, Mercury Rising delivers a solid and enjoyable film that's full of action.

Ryan B (nl) wrote: Horrible in every conceivable way!!!!

RJ C (us) wrote: It was an all right little thriller. It has aged somewhat, particularly with the 1970s clich (C) and a few gaps in logic. Really, would anyone really buy George Kennedy as a climber, let alone being able to climb to the top of a high mesa? However, Clint is always cool and the movie was generally enjoyable and watchable.