Scientists investigate a huge meteor that crashes into the ocean off Mexico, and encounter a skyscraper-tall, mobile machine which is designed to syphon energy from earth, including any energy directed at it in an effort to destroy it.

Aliens from another world send a huge robotic accumulator to invade the Earth and absorb all energy it comes in contact with. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dennis L (it) wrote: It's black humor Japanese style. While it's an interesting and funny take on Japanese life and culture, unlike Japanese food, this movie is an acquired taste.

Ruthie R (es) wrote: Actually called Mark of the Witch and even has a sorta good witch named Ruthie in it, but it's actually a pile of trash! Some of the shots are really good, but others are really bad, and it's mostly uninteresting, with some moments of really bad blood and fire cgi. A curse upon you! Horror movies with "Ruthie" or "Ruthless" characters or production companies are bad!

Gino D (br) wrote: Green Day SUCKS!!! They think they're punk but they're just pathetic posers.

Dane P (ag) wrote: A very good psychological thriller with great visuals, haunting suspense and engaging characters. Highly recommended

Sujit S (jp) wrote: One of Bollywood's best works. It had that in your face attitude and quality to it. No name hero (atleast for hindi audiences) if he was a hero and rest of the cast was fresh and new except for Urmila. To me this was Ramu's best work.

Mary J (nl) wrote: This movie is very clearly a love letter to glam rock. A very glitter soaked, gay love letter. I actually have always felt that it's kind of a fanfic about David Bowie, Iggy Pop and Lou Reed. Which makes it sound like I don't like it when I actually love it. It's visually astounding with enough nods to actual events in the rise and fall of glam rock that it works.One note of warning: Christian Bale is so freaking awkward as the character that ties the story together that it's occasionally difficult to watch. The fact that this is intentional doesn't make it any more comfortable to watch.Over all, it's a love it or hate it kind of movie. I love glam rock like you'd not believe so I loved it. If you're a casual fan or not into it at all, there's not a lot for you here. Aside from Ewan MacGregor as Iggy Pop (sometimes veering more towards Kurt Cobain mannerism-wise). Everyone should love that.

Pep L (br) wrote: Nothing captivating about this movie - it could have been renamed "How to depopulate "urban" youth in less than 2 hours.

Ken S (ca) wrote: The first feature film by David Cronenberg is a mostly silent, with sporadic narration, black and white film about a small group of telepaths in an isolated facility that are being monitored as the experiment both telepathically and sexually. It is a little too slow for me, but it was intriguing to see this early work of you can definitely see the talented amateur that would grow into a great filmmaker, as well as some seeds of what eventually evolved into the great film "Scanners" that Cronenberg would make later in his career.

Simon D (us) wrote: It's quite cool to see how England was so many years before I was even born, I wonder how typical Finneys character was, looking at the youth of todays England, I imagine it was quite accurate.The film is little more than the story of a northern wag, nothing really extraordinary happened which was a shame but it was quite entertaining.

Adam S (ca) wrote: Super cool B-movie about an existential hit-man slowly plotting the execution of a star witness. With a spare electric guitar score that owes more than a nod to "The Third Man", and a cast of low-chain character actors adding humor; an independent film with a free form feel.

April W (ag) wrote: Drew does an amazing job & hugh is as entertaining as ever!