Krishna (Roshan) is born with magical powers - a legacy from his father. Priya (Chopra) comes into his life and becomes his world. When she beckons him to Singapore, he follows. In Singapore, Dr. Siddhant Arya (Shah), the megalomaniac scientist is on the verge of changing the future forever. Only one man stands between Dr. Siddharth Arya and his destructive dreams. To block his ruthless ambitions -- Krishna must become Krrish.

The origins of the Indian superhero Krrish. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Damir A (au) wrote: An old school horror done really well.

Scott A (ru) wrote: Kind of stupid movie. I didn't get that they kept doing like Survivior type cast video interviews while everything was going on. Umm, if these people died, how in the world would they give interviews AFTER the fact??? Meester is barely in the film---boo! Cuoco is and shes very good. They totally point that the killer is one of the crew right off the bat and it turns out, they are. Very lame!

Jon F (gb) wrote: I quite liked this movie, it's pretty simple and slow but it builds tension well. three wannabes hunters on a trip out of the city become the hunted as shots rain down on them in the forest.. not too gory and quite original.

Ryan G (jp) wrote: im giving this film a low rating all due to its pathetic attempts to try and get a cheap laugh out the story line was predictable there was no comedy and there were scenes that showed no relevance to the storyline meaninglessly wasting my time and many others out there who have suffered time being lost to this pitiful shameful movie

Dean M (au) wrote: This fast-paced riff on The Terminator is a bit more clever than the usual knockoffs. Olivier Gruner's fantastic as a compassionate android in his action and martial art sequences.

Gregory W (ca) wrote: what great movie well written acted and filmed

Tom K (jp) wrote: One of my favorite films of all time.

Chris S (ag) wrote: How do you rate a movie like this?! Based off the disturbing content, including the killing of live animals, rape, gore, and of course, cannibalism, this movie deserves the lowest rating possible. However, it is so well made that it seems scarily believable and horrific. It deserves its infamous spot in film history, but you wouldn't want it sitting on your shelf of your favorite DVDs.

Alasdair B (au) wrote: Michael Caine as always was brilliant, but "Last Love" has a disappointing end. From the beginning and for a good while the film was going very well. It had a sweet story and was shot very beautifully. There was emotion and everything. However, all is lost in the final act. Caine plays an older man who has lost his wife, and he has a dis-functional family. He also lives in Paris. He meets a young woman who I think he falls in love with, and she I think has somewhat the same feelings for him. It was semi awkward but in a way not awkward. She reminded him of his wife. It was very sweet and sad. Then comes in the son. Good lord he sucked the very life from the film. His acting was rubbish and he was just unseeded. Aside from that, it is an ok film that starts out wonderfully, that could have been quite good if it had ended a differently.

Marrick A (de) wrote: Gena Rowlands' "I bet I can make you laugh in 1 minute or less" scene is the funniest scene I have seen in a movie in a long time.

David A (nl) wrote: Another Cary Grant in WWII movie. This one has a pink submarine. How could you go wrong?