The story is based on true events, in early 2000 the son of a local meat tycoon, Christopher, is kidnapped. The kidnappers continually change their demands asking Christopher's family for ...

The story is based on true events, in early 2000 the son of a local meat tycoon, Christopher, is kidnapped. The kidnappers continually change their demands asking Christopher's family for ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Krzysztof torrent reviews

Mikey P (es) wrote: amazing doc.i highly highly recommend it.

Ricky J (ru) wrote: This movie is so-so.

joseph e (ru) wrote: Really bad. A millions times I would have to say that to convey the meaning of it. Now that I have gotten that out of the way, I can explain why the hell this film is so ridiculous. It cannot use the excuse that it is a summer movie because even retarted action-adventures, and disaster films(The Day After Tomorrow, Speed 2) are better than this sh*t!! It doesn't even try to be original for even half-a-second, and that the fact is beyond predicatable cripples it's ridiculous plot even more. "While some will say 'Summer Catch' has quite a catch in Jessica Biel(Which is up to debate), it is still ridden in clich's that it makes'Summer Catch' worse than a Soap opera, no better than a B-Movie" True Rating: F for Failure.

Diego V (ca) wrote: Otro divague de Waters.

Luke S (ag) wrote: from what i remember, this it was fantastic. But then again, my memory is poor.

Michael L (gb) wrote: Oh sweet Moses. Is this one of the worst movies you've ever seen too? Is it any wonder that the leads don't get much work these days? Am I asking too many rhetorical questions? Costas Mandylor is one of those "actors" who make, say, Jean Claude van Damme look genius by comparison. And Shannon Doherty. Shannon freaking Doherty. This woman was once a household name in America. Why? For the love of God, why? If she could act as well as she can mimic a bitchy teenage girl, she'd have a shelf of Oscars by now. The screenplay is based on a novel by William Valto called Resurrection, which I now must read to ascertain who's responsible for this hackneyed concept. Of course, the blame for the laughable direction can only be laid at the feet of Ruben Preuss. In searching the web for info about this guy, I can find a few other movies he's made, all of which star 3rd tier actors like Cliff DeYoung and Harry Hamlin. But this was his fourth attempt at a feature. You'd think he'd have learned something by now, at least like what NOT to do. The movie is rife with cheap camera tricks (a vertical 360, for instance), and all attempts to set a scary mood fail miserably -- it's just funny in its badness. Lest ye think for a moment that I rented this piece of garbage, let me assure you -- it showed up on my local Fox affiliate on Halloween day while I was trying to take a nap. It was so stinking bad, I couldn't look away -- definitely the car wreck phenomenon. Seriously, I don't think I've sat through a worse movie in my life.

Frances H (gb) wrote: Excellent film of astonishingly beautiful cinematography and a sweeping saga of China's political struggles, while also chronicling a long partnership between two performers in the Chinese opera and the changes in their relationship when a beautiful prostitute comes between them.

Pratyusha m (es) wrote: A really light hearted family movie...Loved it!

Brian W (ru) wrote: Great movie! Power is in one of his best acting roles. Orson Welles as Cesare Borgia (need I say more?) Renaissance era Italian political intrigue in the best Machiavellian sense, castle sieges, sword fighting, and some of the best location usage ever. I can only say I wish there was a little more swashbuckling swordplay (it is Tyrone Power, after all) but that much action and adventure might have detracted from the serious drama. On a side note, I am almost certain that fantasy writer Raymond E. Feist took several themes from this movie for his Conclave of Shadows undercover nobleman delving into court intrigue, a foiled assassin becoming the hero's personal assistant, the main character's name in this is Orsini and in the book the main character's tribe is called the "orosini" and even one of the books is called "King of Foxes".

Rorshach S (de) wrote: 42nd Street lacks both an interesting narrative focus and energetic dance numbers.

Andy G (fr) wrote: boring terrible mess for from two great actors. c (2014)

Eric A (au) wrote: everything in this "movie" makes jurrassic park or any movie with dinosaurs way to advanced with how much stupidness is within this movie in story, character, comedy, and writing. the whole staff in this movie are probally the same people at 4kids.

Ben B (fr) wrote: Minority Report is a bit too long and can at times seem inconsistent in its pacing. That being said, Tom Cruise delivers as always, and a strong supporting cast help to make this Spielberg Sci-Fi worth taking a look at.

Carl M (gb) wrote: A motorcycle accident leaves Rose terribly disfigured, so she is given an experimental skin graft that restores her to her former beauty. The procedure has an unexpected side effect, however, as she is overcome with an insatiable need to feed on the blood of others through a strange new appendage that has grown out of her arm pit. Soon, all of Montreal becomes infected by the disease Rose leaves behind in her victims. David Cronenberg's sophomore Horror outing falls closely in line with his first feature, SHIVERS, both in theme and in structure, although the claustrophobic confines of the small apartment building have opened up to the whole of Montreal. Man's attempt to control nature through medical advancement unleashes unspeakable horrors once again, twisting the body into the weapon of our own destruction. The larger scale allows Cronenberg to touch on the same concerns of governmental inadequacy in times of crises that we have seen before in George Romero's NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD and THE CRAZIES. Here, vampirism is linked to venereal disease, as well, another growing concern that would dominate public interest in the early 80's with the AIDS epidemic. Former Playmate Marilyn Chambers is surprisingly good as Rose, a sexy seductress who easily lures countless victims into her web. While it may not be a work for which he is most recognized, RABID shows a continued development in David Cronenberg's particular style that would later recur in works like THE BROOD, SCANNERS, and VIDEODROME.

Kevin S (us) wrote: Watched after an introduction to Harold Lloyd through "Safety Last!", this was very enjoyable if not quite up to the same standard. Some of the jokes in this are priceless (the crab is very funny), and it's a great silent comedy in it's own right.