Sidharthan is a part-time actor who was the guardian of children from his village. He rents a house posing as a rich man and is visited by his old friend Ramanujan who creates chaos. The young heiress Pooja ( "Samyuktha Varma"), who is the daughter of the owner of a palace, has a haunted past. Sidharthan faces his old lover Uma and Pooja's abusive boyfriend.

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Kuberan torrent reviews

Mili M (ru) wrote: Entertaining twisted not a future I want but I can see this happening

Janet W (us) wrote: Hope this gets subtitled and released to North American services ie Netflix or Apple TV! I want to see it just for the costuming.

mason h (ag) wrote: a great addition to a series I love,I was giddy to run out and see the bonus content with the blu-ray and I wasent disappointed

Lesley N (mx) wrote: A day in the life of a Muslim drug dealer in an unnamed London suburb, as Shifty bickers with his mate and brother, crosses swords with his supplier and services his customers. Pretty lively, and there's an air of authenticity to some of the set pieces, but not great...but then again not bad either for a film made in 18 days for 100K and under 90 minutes..

Martin N (ca) wrote: Nothing new. Advert for gambling addiction more than anything else.

Yash B (ca) wrote: This is a very dumb movie with tons of childish humor and an extremely predictable story. It's really an unnecessary sequel that also doesn't feel the same due to casting changes. If you're a fan of the first, you will probably be able to sit through it, but it's not anything special or unique.

Ruben P (jp) wrote: this movie i one of the best!

King L (de) wrote: Tries to be like Office Space but ends up being very annoying and unfunny.

Ian B (ag) wrote: If this movie was released in theaters like a normal narrative, it would most likely be a flop