Kuduro - Fogo no Museke

Kuduro - Fogo no Museke


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Kuduro - Fogo no Museke torrent reviews

Jose R (mx) wrote: Just a boring movie that tries to be the exorcist but completely fails at everything.

Loyal D (au) wrote: A really funny movie that shows heart but it really lacks the originality and creativity of the original American Pie films. For a straight to DVD movie it's amazing and the Canadian scenes are hilarious I was on the verge of choking on laughter, but the humor can't cover up all of the horrible acting and plot holes.

Private U (mx) wrote: Alalala, trop bon... Du grand art... Claudi Focan ou plus exactement Mr Focan... MAGNIFIQUE!

Jesse C (kr) wrote: good but not great. juxtaposes japanese, icelandic, and american culture.

Richard S (de) wrote: One of the first "Gay Themed" movies i have seen. A story of a gay couple, one is about to leave for a tour in the peace corps in Africa and the story centers around there last evening togeather.

Ken S (br) wrote: This movie is not that great. It is sadly made after "Batman: The Animated Series" had kind of worn itself out. The mystery isn't too interesting, and the style is a little too minimalist, which started with the last season of the Animated show. I preferred the original style of the Bruce Timm Batman, they just streamlined his look too far. Mostly this one is pretty easy to pass on. There is a short film featuring Batman and Catwoman on the DVD which is actually worth a look though.