Kuen sun

Kuen sun

A futuristic research compound develops a new police tool called the Power Glove. Supposedly, it gives the wearer incredible powers by letting him tap into the 'unused 80%' of his mental ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2001
  • Language:Cantonese,English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:explosion,   battle,   fight,  

A futuristic research compound develops a new police tool called the Power Glove. Supposedly, it gives the wearer incredible powers by letting him tap into the 'unused 80%' of his mental ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Juan B (es) wrote: Buenas actuaciones de Noriega y Shepard. Paisajes asombrosos y fotografa impecable. Buen western Cassidy its Back!

Coleen K (jp) wrote: This was a pretty good movie. Have to pay close attention to story line and details to be able to understand it though. Movie is left wide open at the end for a sequal. Has a little bit of everything in this movie (action, mystery, drama).

Andy G (fr) wrote: Hall Pass is good comedy about two guys get week off of being married. very good cast Owen Wilson and Jason Sedekis. B (2011)

Marcia L (de) wrote: Yay!!!!!! Andre & big Boi outdo themselves in this movie. Great soundtrack and the movie line is a good one.

Kevin M W (br) wrote: Pretty good actioner cum ha-ha when a Chinese palace guard (Chan) ventures to the Old West to save a kidnapped princess (Liu). Wilson primary purpose is to hold the hands of the American audience to take us through this adventure ("don't be nervous, here's an American face to console you in the face of all these Chinese faces", which would be sort of an insult were it not grounded in so much truth), which is to say his role is entirely unnecessary. Moving right along, the film is a very different Western indeed. Chan interacts with some Indian tribes, for instance, some positively, some not (action ensues), and you don't see that much in any film, much less a Western. Then he meets the locals at a Wild West saloon (action ensues) all to ultimately address the touchy issue of forced Oriental labor for the railroads. Its a lot meatier than its action comedy roots. And the action, typical ala Chan, is inspired.

kyo 9 (nl) wrote: No need to feel scared, because u got urself..

Greg W (de) wrote: ok rom--com/sports pic

Katherine W (it) wrote: Definitely worth seeing.

Vinny R (de) wrote: LOVE THIS FILM!! It's low budget , independant, but it's AWESOME!! One of my top 10 best of all time.

Jesse O (nl) wrote: This was a pretty fucking crummy movie. Shit acting, especially by the lead female detective. This character annoyed me to no end, with her Justin Bieber haircut and her 'I have no emotions' attitude because she was trying to be a badass was really annoying. It would be one thing if the performance was good, but it wasn't so it made it worse. But yea the rest of the cast wasn't good anyway. The story was uninteresting and bland. The directing was pretty amateurish. And the twist was fucking horrendous. Why is it that movies have twists? A twist used to mean that it made sense in the context of the story because they dropped clues and the twist is a logical way to tie all the clues together. They dropped clues in this movie, to set up the twist. But the twist itself is an absolute disaster. It was fucking hypnosis by the real killer. It's absurd. Then again the killer felt pain when his mother tried to abort him while he was in the womb, so I guess this guy is all powerful and can make a detective do his work for him. Just ridiculous. I wonder what people think when they come up with this horrendous twists. "Hey, the movie isn't innovative enough, so we need a non-sensical twist to spice things up a bit". What these people fail to realize is that said twists can make a good movie into a below average one and an average movie into a terrible one. Just a terrible movie from beginning to end. Not all foreign thrillers should be released over here, because, inevitably, you're going to bring over one of the really shitty ones, like this movie right here.

Craig Dylan W (es) wrote: Preachy with its symbolism, but a sermon well worth hearing. Masterfully shot and acted. Very good film. CDW

David L (fr) wrote: It may be sappy and the ending is inferior to the rest of the picture, but 7th Heaven is without a doubt a very strong film with amazing art direction, beautiful cinematography, fantastic performances and endearing characters. It may be old-fashioned, but it is a warm film with beautiful romance, some touching moments, superb direction, fine editing and a story that is at times wonderfully romantic, at times sad, but always engaging, enchanting and well crafted. It is, along with Metropolis and Sunrise, a further proof for what an amazing year 1927 is for motion pictures and it is definitely one of the best years in film history.

Knox M (ca) wrote: My love for this tremendous film runs on pure nostalgia and admiration. Maybe the most underrated film ever made!

TheMrs i (fr) wrote: I watched this movie again yesterday for about the 3rd time and I am usually not one for repeats but I loved this movie. It was like it was the first time!

Abb J (us) wrote: The Possession of Michael King: Typically these "Possession of (fill in the blank)" movies are little more than flimsy stories showcasing predictable cheap jump scares, but this one starts off promisingly enough, about a recently-widowed documentary filmmaker trying to prove the existence (or non-existence) of the afterlife... via the occult. About halfway through the film, however, the director jettisons the effectively creepy scenarios that make this film unique, and turns it into an unpleasant, gory Paranormal Activity ripoff. Such a waste. C

John D (ca) wrote: From it's title, Jane Got a Gun announces itself as a feminist revisionist Western where Natalie Portman gets to deliver some frontier justice. Indeed, it starts out promisingly enough, with Jane's husband Ham (Noah Emmerich) arriving back at the homestead full of bullets and barely alive, rambling about the Bishop gang, led by a mustachioed and otherwise weirdly indistinct Ewan McGregor, being angry and on their way. Jane enlists the help of her ex-lover Dan Frost (Joel Edgerton), and...immediately stops having much agency in her own story. Dan takes charge, flashbacks tell us how Ham saved Jane from Bishop in the past, and Jane herself gets lost in the shuffle. It's not a terribly exciting shuffle either, with the action heavily backloaded as both the flashback and present-day storylines reach near-simultaneous conclusions. Noah Emmerich's Ham is really the only character who makes much of an impression (aside from a quick nasty appearance by Rodrigo Santoro), and the climax of his flashback's arc gives us perhaps the only memorable scene of the film. There's potential here, but it never goes to the level of camp it's title so richly deserves (despite the aforementioned Ewan McGregor stache), and falls flat because of it.