George Kuffs didn't finish high-school, just lost his job, and his college-age girlfriend is pregnant. To top it off, George's brother Brad is killed and George inherits Brad's "patrol special" privatized police district and all the problems that come with it.

George Kuffs didn't finish high-school, just lost his job and his girlfriend who still is in college is pregnant. Since he can't see how he can support her, he thinks she is better off ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cathy M (it) wrote: I loved the movie!!! It's exciting and focused. My only issue was never knowing the motivation of the driver. But that in no way effects the movies flow. Stellar performances!!

Asif H (kr) wrote: Good first half with a weak second half. A spirited performance by Deepika Padukone though.

Lisa B (es) wrote: Love Fairuza Balk because she's pretty quirky in all her roles. Nicely done movie with some very creepy moments.

Drew S (nl) wrote: Cryptic, self-important pabulum, Marebito is just a cheap side project between the Grudge movies, as admitted by Takashi Shimizu himself. There's nothing like hiding a low budget and a total lack of ideas behind smoke, mirrors and psychobabble; J-horror in general does this, but it seems particularly fatuous here, as the film flirts with some concepts that would make it seem deep but really are complete dead ends. It name-drops Madame Blavatsky, Kaspar Hauser AND M.C. Escher in a span of about five minutes, but the climactic action is a schoolgirl getting stabbed on video camera, so there's a clear conflict of interest here. It's as if the movie thinks it's hot shit for flashing its intellectual feathers and then turning around and SHOCKING YOU with left-field violence, but seriously, zzzzz. This isn't to discredit Marebito completely, though. Maybe it's my long-standing bias for the genre, but it does achieve a basic sense of intrigue. There are some pretty sharp visual representations of voyeurism and the unknown, and the horror imagery sometimes works (but sometimes doesn't, such as the ridiculous-looking man in sunglasses). The performances are a mixed bag. Shinya Tsukamoto is bad as the insulated, unhinged loner, unable to rein in his inherent ridiculousness. Tomomi Miyashita fares better as F, although the part's degrading and not particularly wide expressively. They don't really seem to have much chemistry, which really causes the ending to fall flat, much like Marebito's other attempts to shock. It's a little bit more brutal than most of its compatriots, but also a lot dumber and a lot cheaper, and its attempts to depict madness really just make it risible. I can't recommend this to much of anyone, unless you're a total J-horror completist.

Jake (ru) wrote: I watched Burt Money a while back, and now reviewing it, the first thing that came to mind is that the subtitles were censored. I realize that is irrelevant and random, but I have never came across that before. Plus, it was a really half-assed job. They were just sort of blurred - like nudity on television - so, they were still readable. Also, the cussing was not edited from the voicetrack. Apparently, cussing is not offensive as long as it is in Spainish. Idk. I suppose that is what I get for watching a movie online. The actual movie is fasinating. The story is a fairly typical Gangsta Thrilla, but it is so much more than that. It really, really makes you ponder love and relationships. To some degree I think most relationships are made up of a Angel and a Nene. You cannot help but wonder as much as Angel needs to be taken care off, Nene needs to be the one taking care of somebody. You cannot help but marvel at how Angel can keep pushing him away, even when they care so much for each other. You have to wonder how many times Nene can take rejction before he moves on. That was a horrible way of explaining it, but Burnt Money, really is a gripping story exploring two lovers. I love how ever gay-themed movie has a review along the lines of "Its like ___ but with Guys!". Seriously, Bid Eden: "Typical Rom-Com ... But with Guys!" Eating Out: "Its like American Pie ... But with Guys!", Brokeback Mountain: "Its a cowboy movie .. .But with Guys!" And now, we have Burnt Money. "Its like Bonnie and Clyde ... but with Guys!"

Royston W (kr) wrote: Love this movie!! Hilarious. Make me cry laughing every time!

Alessandro F (us) wrote: This movie is a masterpiece. Not many films depict war in a raw and emotional way as Platoon does. Oliver Stone's direction is flawless, packed with memorable and thought-provoking moments that remind us about the dehumanising power of war and in particular its meaninglessness. The use of Barber's 'Adagio for Strings' in many key scenes, together with spot-on performances by its three leads, creates a moving work of art that's sure to hit deep. Definitely a must see and a personal favorite.

Michael C (ru) wrote: I didn't really love this Criterion release about a wandering Japanese loner who finds multiple criminal elements wanting to gun him down, but it had some stylistic elements that made it reasonably watchable. The gun fights while sparse were interestingly choreographed, and the films use of color was very unique. Still the story could have had a more engaging progression as there were small portions where I had to work to maintain interest.

Vitor O (au) wrote: Maybe it's the French dubbing that ruined it but I didn't enjoy one minute of this movie. The story has no originality, the characters have no depth and the acting is quite poor. To sum up, it was a waste of time watching this!

Amanda W (ag) wrote: This film is brutal and violent. But, despite the amount of action, this film manages to bore the audience. It's half-formed characters and too-long torture scenes belay what could have possibly been a great film.

Kyleigh L (gb) wrote: I thought this was a great movie even though Im not a fan of sci-fy that much

Mole M (au) wrote: Loved it when it first came out. But we'll datedvnow