Kull the Conqueror

Kull the Conqueror

A barbarian named Kull becomes ruler after defeating the old king in battle, thus receiving his crown. But direct heirs of the king, trying to topple Kull and regain the throne, bring an old witch queen Akivasha back to life. Their plan backfires, however, as Akivasha plans to have her demon lords rule the kingdom alone. The only thing that can stop her is the breath of the god Volka, and Kull.

An barbarian warrior becomes a king when he defeats a king in armed combat and the king's heir conspire to overthrow him and reclaim the throne by resurrecting an evil sorceress. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Kull the Conqueror torrent reviews

Peter W (kr) wrote: I like this film because of it's old school practical effects work.

Sharon H (ca) wrote: I liked the movie, but wasnt what I expected of it.

Chris K (ag) wrote: Amazing film. I would watch it again. :D

Jessica (jp) wrote: This movie is HORRIBLE. VHS quality .Almost better off renting an 80s porno. Almost feels like you are watching one with all the nudity and horrible music playing in background. Only props i give it are some funny one liners throughout, but those do not make up for time you would waste watching it.

Shawn R (mx) wrote: What was the conflict? What was the point? What did I get out of this?

Alex V (de) wrote: Haha you jokin right!?!!

Josh M (gb) wrote: Severely underrated. Absolutely hilarious.

Daniel P (ag) wrote: One of those films I always watch when it's on tv.

Cory L (gb) wrote: Cheesy chick-flix but i still like watching it :)

Brandon K (us) wrote: okay fight scenes for it's time...not much else besides that.

ChillinDylan G (ru) wrote: Dumb funny that has plenty of plot holes, but solid performances from Chevy Chase and Dan Aykroyd more than make up for it.Grade = 6/10

Indira S (gb) wrote: a simple fun old movie. just how i like it to be :)

Baird C (mx) wrote: Movie is now pretty dated but soundtrack is fantastic. At a time when "Tiny dancer" was all but forgotten this movie introduced me to a great hit.

Tatsuhito K (mx) wrote: How Green Was My Valley is quite slow, schmaltzy and not as memorable as John Ford's other films, but still it's a well-directed movie and the performances are solid.

Moe M (de) wrote: I fell asleep the first time watching this, but made it through the second time. To me, it took along time to get going and I'm still not sure it had a plot. Maybe I fell asleep again. Definitely rent it before buying it.

Herschel C (mx) wrote: Ignore the tomatometer which I think we can all safely says lies somewhat if you look at the list of most of the greatest films. For those who enjoy such slices of generation x nostalgia and the earliest films of Linklater involves clever scriptwriting, with a real biting sense of humour throughout even if the subject matter does become a little serious. Some have called it pretentious, but in all fairness I personally believe that it accurately captures the dynamic of young interaction and confusion amid the responsibility of love. While the final third is perhaps a little flailing, becoming more plot driven (as strange as that probably sounds) the moments of pure interactions make you yearn for a similar kind of dynamic to be existent in your life and really make the film something of a wonderful find. How this hasn't transcended into cult status I'll never know. Plus if in any doubt, the Tarantino cameo is worth an entire film of it's own.P.s. I believe you shouldn't listen to the reviews made my actual critics on films like this, most are disliked for being too simplistic or not full of plot or spectacle and give it poor reviews because it isn't seen as the kind of bull which will win an Oscar. Most audience reviews give it a truly respectable score, and in such times probably give a much better viewpoint on the film. Probably have just wasted a lot of my time though, no one will read this.