Kummeli Alivuokralainen

Kummeli Alivuokralainen

A farce about blackmailing, a kidney transplant operation performed at home, deviants and human relationships.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:104 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:Finnish,Swahili,Russian,Spanish,English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on play,   military,   doctor,  

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Tim M (mx) wrote: Japanese to Taiwanese headhunters; "Please stop killing each other" Headhunters reply; "NOPE" Mercifully the two part, 4.5 hour monolith has had 2 hours cut from it. Still, it's pretty long and could have had some scenes cut. Great effects, direction, acting and settings. These guys are so commando they don't even wear pants! Plenty of decapitations and action. "The film includes some stunning visuals, including a few terrific jungle battle scenes."

Bradley H (ag) wrote: It is hard to find fault in the performances here. (Meryl Streep and Chris Cooper were especially noteworthy.) The failure to fully realize the power of the source material in this adaptation can be traced to choices in the direction.The tone never feels quite right, as the humor (dark at times and painfully honest) gets bogged down in too much modal weight. The stage production worked because it allowed you to burst up from the deep trenches of this family's dysfunction with gasps of genuine laughter. The adaptation takes its material not too seriously, but too morosely. And, further, it squanders some of the theatrical charm in the dialogue by insisting on sending the characters wandering into the world away from the rotten center that is the house.For a clinic on how to play a toxic and damaged matriarch, watch Meryl Streep here. To enjoy the depth of this story, seek out a good stage production.

Zahid C (mx) wrote: Day : Wednesday.Date: 1 Oct 2008Time: 10.30 pmWith: NooneOn : PCThoroughly Touching. Made me miss my country...My city way back in Canada. People should learn from such movies.

Tim D (de) wrote: This movie has its ups and downs. It has a great premise. Wilson plays a bitter man that wants to move to a nowhere town and just be alone, for reasons you know are coming. But unfortunately, he doesn't get that when some religious people think his wall is blessed. My problem with this was that there was no outside explanation to some parts of the movie outside of a miracle. Miracles are fine to have in movies, but a logical explanation would've been fine too to keep Wilson's character in doubt. And some scenes like the sewer scene just seemed forced.

Swanky A (br) wrote: it really bad bad bad !!!! =-) ha ha ha !!!

Harold S (mx) wrote: Super weird I like will Ferrell 100% less in dramatic roles.

Asif K (gb) wrote: a good intentioned movie that could have been better.

Brett C (de) wrote: Review In A Nutshell:Kids supposedly is a reflection of contemporary youth; showing us a disintegration of social intelligence and ambition. We are given individuals who lack professional and personal ambition; while at the same time urging to prove their peers that they are sophisticated and mature individuals. They simply want to feed their ego, creating meaning out of something unfulfilling.One could simply view the characters of this film as misguided figures or lacking in any sense of direction from their parents, but I actually felt that Larry Clark's Kids is striving for something more biographical. As I have said previously, the film attempts to create a mirror reflection of today's troubled youth but it lacks in deep insight. Clark, failed to show its audience hidden shadings of his "true-to-life" characters that would have us see their situation in a different light. How we see these figures from a distance creates the same effect when we watch them from up close.Though the film retains consistently throughout a documentarian feel to its photography and direction, but Clark was able to provide small doses of drama, particularly Jennie's character. Jennie symbolises as the living victim of this destructive culture. Clark shows us the dire consequences of even the smallest contact with this culture, but we never see Jennie accumulating feelings of revenge but instead searches for a sense of closure, but as she gets closer and closer to her goal or destination, the higher the risk of her getting hurt again. If Kids instead opted to follow her story, then I probably would have had a different but more enjoyable experience.The performances in this film felt improvised, but still within the context of the script; clearly Clark wants his performances to be a somewhat accurate representation of these self-absorbed kids but not to the point where they seem tamed and too on point. He lets his actors breathe and luckily brings natural and effective performances from some of his cast; with only some reaching to the point of obnoxious and frustratingly fake. The leading actor in this film, Leo Fitzpatrick, was plain annoying to watch. He is supposed to come off as this self-confident and a genuinely "thirsty" individual but I simply saw him as this poser who thinks he is on top of the world. I also found his lisp as very immature and distracting, not to say that this applies to everyone but simply him.Kids' impact on our minds and souls seems to deteriorate as time passes, due to its one-dimensional characters and the lack of a nostalgic element; but Clark surprisingly brought something valuable with one of the characters of the film which was actually enough to keep me from hating this.

Caleb M (us) wrote: Slight, but made fun due to the performances.

Brian S (de) wrote: for a movie about the 40s, this had a very strong early 80s flavor to it. go figure.. I think this is a story that works much better as a play. a self-aware play a la epic theatre is much more interesting than a play within a movie, which for an audience is almost too isolating. stylistically, though, it's nice to look at. bold colors, some cool song & dance interludes, and just an overall unique presentation. Edward James Olmos plays a terrific El Pachuco, as well. Daniel Valdez is a little flat, but Olmos carries him nicely. not at all outstanding, but it's moderately entertaining.

Robert A (gb) wrote: I thought this was very pleasant and funny. It set the style for the movie Clue, which I had seen way before seeing this one. Great cast and a really enjoyable watch for me. I'll be watching this one along with Clue for the rest of forever.

Carlos R (de) wrote: A lot of potential for a film, but it's very boring and lame

Matthew L (it) wrote: A comedy western using 'The Taming Of The Shrew' as its basis, though any major resemblance to The Bards work is minimal at most. Wayne and O'Hara spar well on screen but ultimately this doesn't really go anywhere especially with the comedy sitting a little uneasy next to Wayne's politics.

Isadore H (gb) wrote: Coraline is filled with impeccable stop-motion animation, great voice acting, and a lot of creepy shit. I really enjoyed the animation in this one, each scene has a dark but still kind of enjoyable feel to it. The stop motion is hardly noticeable at all, and it felt like I was watching a CGI rendition of these characters. Each scene is beautifully lit and colored to perfection. The voice work was all top notch, I really liked each character and I loved how different and strange they all were. Coraline also features maybe the best villain I've ever seen in a stop motion film, and maybe even a kids film with The Other Mother, hands down one of the creepiest characters I've seen. It almost qualifies as a horror film, kids would definitely be frightened by everything happening to the main character and the weird imagery on screen. I definitely found it unnerving at times, but I wouldn't say scary, just really unsettling for a kids movie. Coraline is something unlike I've ever seen, and doubt I'll see again

Carl S (jp) wrote: I LOVE THIS FILM. So much funny characters, funny jokes, great graphics, a clever plot & plus.............DONKEY!! 10 out of 10 stars.

Greg R (nl) wrote: While Its not one of the best I've seen from Aardman animations, as I've seen better, and to me, it is a bit of a disappointment that the Peter Lord (co-founder of Aardman animations, director of Chicken Run and creator of Morph) directed this film, but hey I could see the animators having fun here. It's a cool adventure, it's funny, it's absurd but it's got some wit to it and it's stop-motion animation, so of course theres a lot of passion and effort put into it.