Classic Bollywood film about a young man whose poverty leads him to commit crimes which, in turn, lead him to harsher and harsher punishments.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1955
  • Language:Hindi
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Unable to find employment, and unable to get any money by begging, young Kundan steals a loaf of bread from a bakery and runs to his house in the slums to feed his starving mother and niece... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Kundan torrent reviews

Adriano B (nl) wrote: The storytelling is that of epic stories in all their boldness, so, if you arr not mythically inclined, you may judge it stiff. I amm all in for legendary journeys, and appreciate the struggle of Arjun against his filthy parents even only for his genuine, glorious, funky hindi-ness. Disny gone exotic.

Raghu N (fr) wrote: The director has tried some new ways in story telling, which was a welcome break. And i liked that the songs were cut short so as to not drag the movie, people should learn from this guy. And one can never find fault with Ajith! he simply waltzes in n out!But a few scenes and the other actors's dialogues could have been done better! Especially the scene where he robs an arms consignment! That was plain stupid!Comparison with Scarface do come up, but the story is universal, so that could be forgiven.. And lastly thumbs up for the stunts- not over the top and stylish at the same time :)

Daniel D (kr) wrote: Heart warming and insightful but ultimately a let down with no pay off.

Slavisa M (ca) wrote: The first and biggest problem this film has is the fact that it is a romantic comedy. Being one, it does not deviate from the typical rom-com recipe, what-so-ever. Being rather predictable (and by rather I mean completely to an annoying degree), the film does not offer anything new to the audience. The screenplay is simply bad, with a storyline that was maybe innovative back in the 1980s, but now has become the standardised cliche. One the film manages well is to create a positive relationship between the audience and the Minnesotans in the film. Some very cute scenes are in the film, and one cannot but feel warmly towards them, especially Siobhan Fallon's character, who is, by far, the best thing in this bad film. Renee Zellweger is rather bad - her strongest asset here seems to be her body, and it's in a film where that shouldn't be an issue. But yes, Zellweger doesn't give anything good to the film, and one can only wonder why she ever got cast. Maybe trying to re-connect to her Bridget Jones' days? Be it as it may, the film is rather bad and annoying, full of cliches concerning both rom-coms and Minnesota, and with generally pretty bad dialogue and acting, makes "New in Town" be one of those films you could have easily gone without ever watching.

Barnaby G (es) wrote: Seen worse. Definitely gone more for a spoof with the sequel.

Nurul I (it) wrote: i have the director's facebook, and ever chatted with Jon Knautz live. I am going to see it asap. So curious!

Im In Love (au) wrote: while it wasn't superb, it was better than it had the right to be. The big reveal wasn't that much of a shock to me... but it still had a good resolution.

Chrissy J (ag) wrote: Really funny and clever, makes fun of the darker side of Hollywood. I wish I could see the entire 'Chubby Rain' movie to enjoy more of this humor! Steve Martin was great, Eddie Murphy was great...the entire ensemble cast was brilliant.

Elise M (au) wrote: Woah. This movie is one big D: My jaw was hanging open almost the whole way through. Totally bizarre. I've never seen a bigger fist magnet than that 14-year-old with the mullet. Seriously.

T P (nl) wrote: Not the best war film, however it is interesting coming from an Australian perspective. Besides I like any commando-esque action.

Zack B (es) wrote: Endlessly fascinating and beautifully photographed by the master, Nestor Almendros.

F B (gb) wrote: A good film and story but difficult for me to follow and understand at times