Kurosen chitai

Kurosen chitai


Drugs and prostitution thriller set in old Yokohama . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matt S (fr) wrote: l like films about ancient Greece but "Hercules Reborn" is one of worse films l ever seen and it a insult to film making!! Dont waste 90 mins of life!!!

David F (br) wrote: This is probably the best movie ever made about a museum guard. It's slow, contemplative, nearly plotless, and bisected by a long, fully illustrated discussion of the work of Brueghel by a museum docent which was actually the most interesting part for me. Many random scenes of contemporary Viennese life and facts about the Austrian capital are thrown into the story of a thoughtful museum guard and his friendship with a Canadian visiting an ill relative.

Sylvester K (us) wrote: They took the advice to have more action but the acting... It was even worse then the original film, I didn't think it was possible at all. It was mostly people fighting each other than actual rats attacking people. Seriously, don't waste your time.

Moshe M (ru) wrote: Act of Valor is the real deal. No Robert McKee pod people or hypno-'How to Not Write a Script' to be found here Thank G-d. This is my mentor (never had the chance) Jean Luc Goddard amped on insane adrenline letting real guys lay it on you. In essence, it is true filmmaking IMO. And I've been around the block from culver city to burbank a few million times. stunning and in your face audacious. Jingoistic? Complexities? Tell that to the families of my three dear friends who feel no complexity after getting slaughtered on 9/11. Watch THE MAN WHO WOULD BE KING a few hundred times then try to watch what is considered today as 'on the edge' filmmaking. The only edge that has taken Hollywood is what seat you'll get for lunch at The Grill. Peace to all. 95%

Hyun S (ru) wrote: I like how it is based on true events.

Sehar M (it) wrote: I would have liked to watch a little happier movie. It was too sad n depressing. But still a unique story, well directed n different from ordinary.

John B (mx) wrote: John Sayles' component film is a disappointment only because we expect so much more from him. A good film on the pressures of community and the price that individuals are willing to pay to "sell out". Nonethless, we expect more.

Al D (gb) wrote: An interesting French costume drama, horror film and bizarre hybrid opus with martial arts thrown in as well?! Incredible production design. The villain is an easy one to guess. Bellucci is a world class beauty.

Reno V (us) wrote: "ATTACK OF THE 50 FOOT BABY" - 'Honey, I Blew Up the Kid' is a 1992 comedy adventure and sequel to the popular 'Honey, I Shrunk the Kids' from 1989. The film was directed by Randal Kleiser (Grease, the Blue Lagoon) and is set three years after the events of the first film. Rick Moranis (Ghostbusters, Spaceballs), Marcia Strassman, Robert Oliveri and Amy O'Neill reprise their roles as Wayne, Diane, Nick and Amy Szalinski, who have to stop baby Adam, who accidently walked into an enlargement beam. The attack of the 50 feet baby. Entertaining for the kids, but less good than the previous film. When Diane (Strassman) goes along with daughter Amy (O'Neill) to help her get ready for collage, Wayne Szalinski (Moranis) and his son Nick (Oliveri) have to babysit the youngest family member Adam. When going to Wayne's lab to work on his latest invention, Adam crawls out of his carriage and gets hit by a laser beam. Unnoticed by his dad and brother, the boy gets back into his place. But when the Szalinski's return home and want to warm up some food, the electromagnetic waves cause Adam to grow. Can the men reverse the process before Diane gets home?

Rick R (au) wrote: Bob le Flambeur (1956)Bob the gambler is a great french caper movie. Not quite Noir, in my opinion, but an excellent movie by Jean-Pierre Melville. And this makes me very interested in French New Wave and seeing more of Melville's films as well. Robert 'Bob' Montagn (Roger Duchesne) is a gambler and former gangster. He's well known in town; even by his cop friend, Commissaire Ledru (Guy Decomble) who he had saved his life at one time. Bob is a chronic gambler who loses as much as he wins, but he's always generous with his friends.He runs into a beautiful young girl, Anne (Isabelle Corey) and lets her crash at his place a few times. There's a lot of sexual tension between them, but he's very stand-offish and is happy to hand her over to his young protog, Paolo (Daniel Cauchy) when he shows an interest.Naturally, when you're on a losing streak you tend to fall back on some bad habits and Bob is tempted to get a crew put together to steal from a Casino. One thing that I really liked is that the film showed off the many games Bob would play and the casinos in the area (as well as Isabelle Corey).

Francis V (us) wrote: Ahead of its time, yet ridiculously backward. An obvious inspiration for the Star Wars saga.

Phillip D (it) wrote: My first thought when I first heard JGL's voice with that god awful maple syrup edition Jersey/Italian accent was, "if this movie were a person, I would want to punch it so badly in the face right now, more than any other film in the world". That feeling continued and intensified until I finally just killed the movie and gave up. Don Jon is a real oddity. I came in envisioning a bit of hipster garbage but the movie isn't really that. Nor is it really a romance either. Or a comedy. Or particularly philosophical for that matter. Those I could all at least sit through (see JGL's previous 500 Days of Summer). I mean sure, its got a precursory look at porn and it's positive/negative role in the modern relationship but I can get the same basics from any blog post or brief online sex help article, so nothing new there. It isn't a particularly performance driven film either. The entire cast is locked into these over the top accents that are just so annoying they completely ruin the movie in the first few minutes. Nobody delivers a shockingly good performance due to this and our characters are the most unlikable people in the world, a mix of Jersey Shore and Gym Rat Douchebag meets Model With Awful Accent who suddenly grows some sort of relationship conscience. It's the kind of shallow plot and simplistic directing you would expect from a first time director but it isn't the sort of set-up you would expect from the critically acclaimed crap hype we've been subjected to ever since this came out. The reality is this, JGL will likely never be anything more than a good supporting actor and an occasionally decent lead under special circumstances. Him trying to make himself work for this film was the height of arrogance, the same cocky attitude that led him to make the bro-iest of bro films and try to pass it off as some sort of new meta reflection on relationships. Don Jon has average transitions, standard scenes, decent writing and pretty cut and dried cinematography. Frankly, without the accents and the offense bro-ness, it's just a supremely average movie. Add in those aspects in addition to the unsurprising tendency to wallow and frolic in offensive and inaccurate stereotypes even as it pokes fun at others and you have the makings of a truly punch-able film made by a truly punch-able director. Save yourself the time.

Stacey Paul B (fr) wrote: A gritty well acted well detailed powerful and gripping police drama. That has a good cast but does have many a clich (C)d line when it comes to Colin Farrell's script.

Cole W (mx) wrote: An absurd plot, but it actually works pretty well. This is definitely the funniest in the original Star Trek franchise.

Bruno V (jp) wrote: Enjoyed this 4th comedy of this week , sounds like Borat and the jokes are kinda dirty to . SOMDVD

Nate E (ca) wrote: Probably the most frustrating film I've seen this year. I wanted to like it; I really did. Del Toro is fantastic, J. Hutch is adequate. Parts of the movie are fantastic, but those parts seem to be in a totally different film. The ending just does not satisfy.